10 Tips for a Young Entrepreaneur

  1. Challenge yourself daily. When things turn easy, learning seems to plateau. Don’t let this happen to you! Stay motivated by challenging yourself to things that may seem a little out of your comfort zone.
  2. Have a vision. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to have a vision and a desire. What is important? The willingness to chase that dream.
  3. When you are chasing a dream, no matter how big or small, don’t forget to believe in yourself. If you truly believe in your work, you will find your way through the most difficult hurdles life may throw at you.
  4. Take a risk. This piece of advice is scary, exciting, intimidating and invigorating all at once! But how do you know the outcome of a choice if you do not take it? You’ll often regret not trying to do something you won’t regret failure. You’ll learn from it.
  5. Along the lines of taking a risk, take action. Success only happens when you do something about an idea. Stop talking, day dreaming and thinking; get out there and do it!                   
  6. Getting started in a business is exhilarating. So much that you may forget to take a break for lunch or stop working when you get home. Remember to manage your energy as well as your time. People want to deal with the best you and in return you want to give others 100% effort.
  7. Hire good character. If you are going to be working hand in hand with others, you want them to hold similar values, work ethic, and goals. You can train someone to develop skills, but it is hard to train values.
  8. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t view them as failures, view them as an opportunity to understand what went wrong, how to avoid the same problem next time, and a chance to grow.
  9. Another learning tool; learn from your unhappy customers. Those who are not pleased might very well be your most critical customers. This allows you to grow in areas that may not be your strength. It also will help you fix or become more aware to any issues or holes in your service.
  10. Do more than expected. Customers don’t necessarily expect a whole lot. What a great surprise they get when you go above and beyond the expectations they have. It is a fantastic way to get noticed and for people to start spreading the word.

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