9 Reasons Why Adding Protein To Your Diet Is Important

What exactly are proteins? Proteins are large molecules that play many important roles in your body. Proteins are used every day to keep your body functioning. They are required for the structure, function, and regulation of your body’s tissues and organs. They are used to develop and grow just about every single part of your body, from your hair to your antibodies. Proteins are constantly being broken down so they need to be replaced frequently. Adding protein to your diet is as simple as eating foods that you probably already eat, such as eggs, milk, yogurt, fish and seafood, soya, pork, chicken, turkey, beans, and more.

Here are 9 Reasons Why Adding Protein To Your Diet Is Important:

Benefits Your Body

With protein being a vital macronutrient, your body needs large amounts of it to function properly. Unlike fat and carbohydrates, your body doesn’t store protein, so that’s why frequent protein intake is so important. Your hair and nails are made of mostly protein. Protein helps your body repair tissues, create enzymes, hormones, strengthen bones, muscles, cartilage, blood, and skin. A lack of protein in your diet leads to muscle and joint pain, slow recovery from injuries, a weak immune system, slow metabolism, low energy, poor concentration, mood swings, and more.

Calms Hunger

One of the fastest, and easiest, ways to calm your hunger and curb your sugar cravings is by eating protein. Protein is the most satisfying macronutrients, compared to carbohydrates and fat. Eating makes you feel full, and since protein is so filling,  it leads to quicker satisfaction and reduces the intake of calories. For example, an egg is more filling than a glass of orange juice, which is full of carbohydrates.

Good For Your Bones

In addition to calcium and vitamin D, protein is a key nutrient for bone health. A high protein diet helps people retain their bone mass as they age, lowering the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. A study found that those who had a high protein diet had better bone mass density and researchers found that it did not matter whether the protein came from a vegetable or animal.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to stroke, cause damage to your arteries, heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, as well as cause sexual dysfunction, bone loss, and trouble sleeping. A high protein diet has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Helps Your Hair

As mentioned earlier, protein is the essential building block of all your cells. This affects your hair, skin, and nails. If your hair follicles are strong they stay on your head. If you don’t get enough protein your hair starts thinning and falling out. An easy way to add more protein to your diet while benefitting your hair is by eating whey protein. One of the main ingredients in our Too Busy To Eat protein bars is whey protein, making adding whey protein to your diet easy and delicious!

Improves Muscle Mass

Eating enough protein is essential in building and maintaining a healthy muscle mass. A healthy muscle mass also supports your tendons, ligaments, and other body tissue, reducing the risk of injury. Adding protein to your diet is especially important if you exercise. For example, weight training purposefully damages muscle so it can grow back stronger. In order to ensure that your muscle is growing back stronger, you need extra protein to help repair the damage properly. Additionally, adding protein to your diet helps with soreness!

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

A high-protein diet can be beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar levels. A study conducted by the VA Medical Center compared two groups of men with type 2 diabetes. One group was on a 55:15:30 carbohydrate:protein:fat diet, while the other was on a 20:30:50 diet, which doubled the protein while decreasing the carbohydrates. The high-protein diet dramatically reduced circulating glucose levels in the men within five weeks. Although this was was only a preliminary study, it showed that a high-protein diet could be beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels. Just be sure to consult your doctor before starting a new diet for blood sugar regulation.

Improves Your Mood

Like mentioned earlier, protein makes you feel full. Eating protein with every meal helps the food last longer in your stomach, preventing blood sugar crashes while providing a little mood boost. Do you ever get moody and then realize that you haven’t eaten in awhile? You need some protein. Protein makes you more alert and energized, keeping you “up” and awake for two to three hours after your meal. When you are thinking about adding more protein to your diet, think fish, milk, chickpeas, chicken, etc.

Slows Aging

Protein slows insulin levels, which you want to keep in balance to avoid blood sugar highs and lows, risk of illness, and weight gain. Eating protein stabilizes blood sugar levels, which reduces stress on your boy, helping keep your cortisol levels in check! One of the most valuable proteins, collagen, helps reduce sagging skin, prevent premature aging, and supports overall health. But, it is important to remember that protein is not stored in our bodies so you need to “restock” consistently.

When adding protein to your diet, keep in mind that everyone needs a different amount of protein, based on their exact needs. Take into account your body weight, gender, age, and level of exercise. There are also health conditions that require a low-protein or high-protein diet. That being said, there are some general guidelines that can serve as a good recommendation on how much protein to eat each day. According to the USDA, the recommended daily intake of protein for adults, with an average weight and activity level, is 56 grams per day for men and 46 grams per day for women. Overall, adding protein to your diet has many benefits and is easy to incorporate into every meal and snack. A perfect, protein-packed snack is our protein bars, we have Vanilla Coconut, Double Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough. Keep in mind that not all protein bars are made equal- what helps ours stand out from the rest (besides the great taste) is that they contain whey protein, which you now know has amazing benefits!

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