Bone Health

The skeletal system is critical to our everyday movements. It is easy to forget about our foundation; meaning our bones that help hold us upright. Many times, we take for granted the structure our bones provide us. Not only do they make up our framework, but they have the ability to interact with the brain, secrete hormones, and are living tissues. It makes you think, are you doing what you can to provide for your bones?


  • Probiotics do more than just help our the gut. They are a great way to give bones extra nutrients. Yogurt and kefir are excellent sources and may help reach higher bone density. 
  • Healthy fats help lower myostatin levels. Myostatin helps control the growth and development of tissues which in turn supports healthy bone metabolism. 
  • We have all been told that milk builds strong bones and that is definitely true. Calcium is absorbed by our bodies to help build and strengthen our bones.
  • Collagen makes up a huge portion of the bone matrix. Taking collagen or gelatin provides the building blocks to make bone. 
  • Vitamin A, K2, and D all contribute to bone metabolism. Improvement of osteoporosis is often seen when these three vitamins work together. 
  • Leafy greens are full of minerals that are beneficial for inflammation and overall bone health. Sardines are wonderful sources of omega-3s (help with inflammation and animal protein).
  • Protein is proven to increase calcium absorption. Because bone health is connected to lean muscle mass and physical activity, the amount of protein consumed by the average person is not enough. Eating meat will strengthen bones and keep them healthy in the long run. 


Intense training without proper rest leads to inflammation. High levels of inflammation can turn into bone stress injuries and even early osteoporosis. However, exercise ensures optimum bone health, as long as overtraining is avoided. In the eyes of genetics, weightlifting or quick, high intensity workouts also help increase bone mass. These forceful movements signals your bones to strengthen themselves. 


Too Busy Bullets

  • We can’t afford to treat our bones poorly. They deserve to get the best nutrition possible. 
  • Eating leafy greens, healthy fats, probiotics, dairy, adequate protein, and forceful training is key to maintaining healthy bones.


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