CrossFit Nutrition Guide

Having the right diet to fuel your workout is very important. It’s imperative to intake enough energy-packed foods to workout at your best potential. Nutrients are the key to building muscle and burning fat. Your diet is especially important if you are a CrossFit athlete. Remember—healthy eating is as important to your performance as the actual training is! With that in mind, here is the ultimate CrossFit nutrition guide. 

Grass-Fed Protein

CrossFit Nutrition
Proteins are used every day to keep your body functioning. Protein helps your body repair tissues, create enzymes, and strengthen bones, muscles, blood, and skin. A lack of protein in your diet leads to slow recovery from injuries, a weak immune system, low energy and more. If you are a meat eater, eating top-of-the-line grass-fed protein will benefit you in many ways. Grass-fed meat is leaner, and contains less fat, than a grain-fed animal. Additionally, it has less calories. It’s important to remember, what goes into the animal that you are going to eat, goes into your body too. Most grass-fed meat is free from steroids, pesticides, and antibiotics. 


CrossFit Nutrition
If you don’t eat meat but aren’t vegan, eggs are a great source of protein. At about 7-10 grams of protein per egg, they are a superfood for CrossFitters! Not only are eggs packed with protein, they are also full of B vitamins and good fats. Protein is essential in building and maintaining a healthy muscle mass, making eggs a big part of CrossFit nutrition. Eggs can be boiled, scrambled, made into omelets, or fried— the options are pretty much endless.

Whey Protein

CrossFit Nutrition
Whey Protein is great for after your WOD. Your body needs fuel after a workout and whey protein is a great way to optimize recovery because it replenishes glycogen stores and protein for optimal tissue repair. Additionally, whey protein helps you increase strength and gain muscle. Just remember, not all whey protein is created equal. Going back to what we discussed earlier about grass-fed protein, grass-fed protein is the same thing- it matters where it comes from. At Too Busy To Eat, we make our protein bars with 100% all natural grass-fed whey protein. Our bars are free from any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors! Shop our protein bars here

Coconut Oil

CrossFit Nutrition
In addition to giving you smooth skin and shiny hair, coconut oil is a definite must for any CrossFitter. Coconut oil is a great source of healthy fat. It improves your energy, which is great to boost performance at your box. It’s easily absorbable which means it provides increased energy faster than any other fat! Additionally, coconut oil boosts your metabolism, suppresses hunger, helps aid digestion, and much more!

CrossFit Nutrition
Overall, protein, protein, and more protein. If you are doing strenuous workouts, like CrossFit, it is important to have a healthy, protein-packed diet to fuel your body. Some other great foods for a CrossFit diet are nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. What are your go-to CrossFit foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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