Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy

Diabetes and obesity rates are higher than ever and are setting in at younger ages. If you take a look around the grocery store, food labels are often targeted to reach kids. Children tend to gravitate towards the brightly colored boxes with cartoon characters or promises of finding a treat/toy inside. These methods are influencing the choices kids are making; more often than not, they are not the healthiest ones. Below are some tips and tricks that may help your young ones make healthier choices for a longer, fuller life! 

1. Let your kids help in the kitchen!

- Let them pick out a fun new veggie or fruit in the grocery store. Then go home and cook it together.

- Allow them to taste the food before and after it is prepared. This opens their eyes to why we choose to eat certain foods cooked. It also gives them the chance to choose the way they prefer to eat it. 

- Letting your little cook with you develops life-long skills. Not to mention, cooking is an artistic skill that taps into their creativity.

2. Recreate favorites.

- Substituting ingredients can make a previously unhealthy dish much better for you.

- For example, instead chicken nuggets from a local fast-food chain, you could easily create your own at home using clean ingredients such as almond flour and coconut oil.

3. Talk to them about their food choices.

- While enjoying your meal, try talking about your food; where it comes from, why you are eating it, why you don’t eat certain things.

- Kids love to learn. Teach them healthy eating habits at a young age. 

- Incorporate fun facts such as ‘Onions release a gas when they are cut which is why you ‘cry’’ or ‘Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside.’ 

4. Stop using food as a reward

- ‘If you eat two carrots, you can have dessert.’ A line like that is very common amongst youngsters and adults at dinnertime.

- It is important to break the association of foods as a reward. Try enticing them with a bike ride, a movie night, or a picnic at their favorite park. This can ensure that your child will not become a emotional eater and will foster a strong foundation with a respect for food. 

Too Busy Bullets:

- Let your kids help with the cooking process.

- Find ways to recreate their favorite unhealthy foods into healthier options.

- Talk to your kids about why you choose to eat the healthy foods you do.

- Stop using food as a reward.


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