Kris Carr's Fight to Overcome

Kris Carr was an up and coming photographer and actress in high demand. She was in two commercials that aired during the 2003 Super Bowl and quickly gained more and more popularity after that. With the new requests, her lifestyle changed.

She was always on the go, eating fast food and energy drinks to get through the next interview or audition, and this lifestyle was starting to take its toll. She would go through 'cleansing periods' to help get her on track; eat clean, train like crazy, and take time for herself. But usually fell back into old habits.

During one of these particular ‘cleansing periods,’ Kris woke up extremely sore, she thought it was from her workouts. She experienced cramping, extreme abdominal pain, and had trouble breathing. Kris decided to see her physician. During her checkup, Kris was told she would need her gallbladder removed. With this appointment came an ultrasound for the doctor to get a better idea of what was going on.


Kris had no clue that what her doctor would find, would change her life forever.


She was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer; stage IV EHE.


The tumors growing inside of her were affecting her blood vessels in her lungs and her liver. This diagnosis encouraged her to jump into self-care and live a healthy, joyful life. 

Kris spent a lot of her time researching, reading, and discovering different ways to reach optimal health and pursue a lively lifestyle despite her diagnosis. She interviewed doctors, authors, and other health experts to further her knowledge.

During this journey, Kris would keep track of her journey; leading to a documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer. TLC bought her documentary and its takeaway is for those with cancer to be encouraged. Gone are the days of lying in bed, constantly taking medications and letting life slip away, rather she encourages others that they can still get out and enjoy the world. The documentary is to show how this terrible disease won’t hold you back from pursuing your dreams or being empowered or achieving success.

After her diagnosis, Kris used her new platform to set new goals. She is

  • a New York Time best-selling author
  •  featured in some of the top magazines (Success, Forbes, Glamour)
  • frequently seen on popular TV shows (Good Morning America)
Her journey to success may look different than it did in 2003, but Kris’ hard work has allowed her to accomplish and overcome things she never would have dreamed of.

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