Running a Successful Small Business


  1. Positive thinking is key. If you are not in the right mindset, it will be hard to accomplish anything. Build yourself and your business up with positive thinking. It is much more powerful than you may think.
  2. Share things that your customers will appreciate. People are following you for a reason. Make that reason something they are looking for! To keep people interested in what you are producing, make sure you are listening to feedback.
  3. Reach out to Mentors and peers. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely. You might be spending a lot of time on your own or in meetings with colleagues. It is vital to reach out to mentors and peers to form relationships that aren’t only in seen in the work environment.
  4. To get PR, immerse yourself. Go out and find out what local media journalists are covering and make yourself known. It is important to forge relationships and offer yourself as a story for them to cover.
  5. Write hand written notes when you can. This simple and timeless courtesy can go a long way. It is one sure way to wow customers, potential partners, and all others you interact with.
  6. Don’t stop making connections. Networking will always be a key part of business and it’s necessary for young entrepreneurs. Not only is it important early on in business, but also during middle and late stages. Never stop networking and connecting with people!
  7. Go where your customers go, especially in social media. Communicate with your customers and relate to them on a level that they are accustomed to. Not only will this grab their attention, but it will be good exposure for your company.
  8. Face your fears. You will be challenged in ways you never could have thought of. It will not be easy, but the more you practice facing your fears, the stronger you will become.
  9. Find good people. As a small business, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time together. Hire people that you get along with and want to spend time with. Build each other up and watch your business grow with you all.
  10. Spend wisely. It can be easy to spend, spend, spend. Be sure you think about every decision you make that involves money. It is easy to spend money on ‘trends’ versus something that may bring lasting benefits.

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