Travel Snacks

Are you getting ready for a summer vacation? A road trip? Even if it is a quick, one-day flight, eating while on the road can prove to be a challenge. There are all sorts of temptations along the way that may discourage you from reaching your goals. However, traveling doesn’t have to stop you from eating healthy and staying on track. There are many ways to keep your body fueled with proper nutrition while on your journey. Try implementing some of these helpful tips and tricks before taking off on your next journey.

- Before you embark, make sure you pack plenty of ‘good-for-you’ snacks. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your travel snack-pack.

     - First and foremost…a Too Busy To Eat bar!

     - Beef jerky

     - Roasted or raw vegetables

     - Fresh berries or dried fruit

     - Protein powder (easily mix with water for a quick snack)

     - Dark chocolate (preferably anything over 75%)

     - Nuts

- If you know your trip will be during a time you normally eat a meal, pack your own! You can easily throw together a salad, sweet potato, and chicken breast in a Tupperware for an easy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

- Keep all of your food in one big bag. This way it is easily accessible and if you have to take it out (maybe at security for a flight) you won’t have to rummage through all of your things.

- If you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, go to the local store the first day you are there and stock up. This will prevent you from any fast-food temptations and allows healthy choices to be close by

- Hydrate! It can be easy to indulge on drinks when traveling, but don’t succumb to the temptations. It is okay to treat yourself, but make sure you limit how many. Quite often, drinks are filled with hidden sugars and can easily throw you off track nutritionally. Choose water as often as you can throughout the day.

Too Busy Bullets:

- Pack your own snacks: Too Busy To Eat bars, nuts, dried fruit, protein etc.

- Plan and prepare ahead of time.

- Hydrate often. 


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