11: Sophie Jaffe on Making Simple Changes For Dramatic Results

Sophie Jaffee is a health and wellness expert and owner of the company, Philosophie. Her holistic approach provides people with a unique way to nourish their bodies. Along with founding her brand, Sophie is also a raw food chef and a yoga instructor. She has a great blog that is filled with positivity, wholesome recipes, and advice to living a well-balanced life. She works and lives in LA with her husband and two kids.

Sophie’s Background….2:55
- Sophie became interested in raw foods and healthy living in her early twenties. She starting working at a raw juice bar which eventually turned into her managing the company. She broke away from her 50-60 hour work schedule and jumped into Philosophie. At first, she was doing group cleanses and private consultations. Then, she started preparing and delivering fresh foods and was even George Clooney’s personal chef! After some time and tons of hard work, she started selling her superfood blends which Philosophie is so well known for.

How do you balance your busy life?….10:30
- Having a support system and community is key. When in town, Sophie likes to stay home, be comfortable, and surround herself with good energy. She likes to bring people into her life and pour into others, but also makes sure to schedule time for self-care. Physically scheduling time for yourself ensures that it actually happens. It takes a very conscious effort to create the work/home balance and not be distracted by the world around us.

Philosophie products…16:00
- Philosophie has different superfood powders and each serves different purposes in synergistic ways. They are all high in antioxidants, high protein, and no soy. They are an easy way to add superfoods to just about anything. They also sell unique kinds of coconut butters and honeys that are filled with real, pure ingredients. Her cleanse programs help reset and rejuvenate the body’s nutritious cravings thus making the body satisfied.

One piece of advice for a busy person…23:05
- Start with one small change nutritionally. It does not have to be overwhelming, but at least start somewhere. We all know the areas in life we should change, do it!

- www.thephilosophie.com

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