13. Devin Burke and a holistic approach to optimal health

Devin Burke is an expert in the health and wellness fields. His experience as a wellness educator, holistic health coach, personal trainer, and his time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition allow him to provide insight to find balance in your mind, body, and spirit. He is the author of Health Eating in the 21st Century, which provides ways to eat right in our current not-so-healthy world.

His journey…2:50
Devin grew up eating the standard American diet; mac n cheese, hotdogs, cookies etc. That being said, he was very sick a majority of his childhood. After a death in the family, his mom began to learn and study nutrition and health. Seeing his mom transform inspired him to follow her path and study nutrition. In college, Devin started to do personal training, which slowly evolved into where he is today. He now is doing live events to help people lose weight and has started a weight loss company.

Key principles to help people reach optimal health…7:25
There is so much information out there available to. Devin’s advice is to keep it simple! Taking one step at a time and focusing on one thing will allow you to find your vibrancy. Devin really works to give people information they will understand to help them reach their optimal balance. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ formula, everyone is unique and it takes different approaches for each person.

Health Eating in the 21st Century…11:30
The idea for this book came from his clients who knew a lot about nutrition, but were overwhelmed with everything thrown their way. Devin simplified all the information and compiled it into a book. His goal was to keep it very basic to remove the ‘information freeze’ excuse.

Holistic Health Coaching…14:05
A holistic health coach looks at all the whole picture in someone’s life. They look at all areas of life and how they affect what a person eats. For example, someone without a relationship does not go home to a hug, but rather they go to the fridge. Bringing these areas into balance often helps to bring about a nutritional balance as well. People will sometimes get stuck because they haven’t laid a firm foundation in their mindsets. Health, spirit, and the mind are all intertwined. A holistic health coach also helps to find this optimal place.

Nutrition and Fitness Routine…23:25
Devin’s goals have to do with longevity and high performance. His routine looks something like this: 3-4 days a week- high intensity weight training, 1-2 days a week- yoga or pilates, and 2-3 days a week- high intensity interval workouts. Devin sees his body as a toy; if he wants to go kite surfing, he can because he has taken care of himself!

What are you most excited for coming up?….26:55
Devin has developed a permanent weight freedom program. It is addressing the deeper issues about eating. It will look at not only what you eat but why you are eating what you are eating; stress eating or emotional eating. It addresses emotional barriers, exercise advice, and nutritional counseling. His holistic methods strive to help people reach lifestyle changes, not a quick fix.

One piece of advice for a busy person…28:55
Make health, nutrition, and fitness a priority. Put yourself first; you won’t be able to serve your family, God, or others wholeheartedly if you do not take care of yourself. Schedule time to take care of yourself to ensure you are being fulfilled.

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