14: Jimmy Moore on Eating Fat To Lose Fat

Jimmy Moore is an inspirational speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Livin’ La Vida Low Carb. Jimmy made an incredible transformation when switching to a low carb lifestyle and now he helps those who are searching to make healthy changes in their lives. He has multiple books available and a popular blog loaded with advice and encouragement. 

Jimmy’s Journey…2:10
- Jimmy and his entire family was obese growing up. By age 32 he weighed 410lbs and when his brother passed away at the age of 41 from heart attacks caused by obesity, Jimmy had a wake up call. Because it was the 80s and 90s, he cut out all the fat and stuck to low-fat choices. Jimmy felt horrible on the low-fat diet; always hungry, irritable, and uncomfortable. 
- One Christmas, he got the Atkins book as a gift and was totally confused by it! Eating fat was against all of the other diets he had ever done. He tried it anyways and just after the first month, he lost 40lbs! At the end of the year, Jimmy had lost 180lbs! Atkins featured his story on their page and he quickly gained popularity.
- Jimmy wrote Livin’ La Vida Low Carb and continued to become more and more popular. He eventually started a podcast. It is now the longest healthcare podcast show on air. 

Jimmy’s Books….10:20
- Instead of using his degrees in political science and public policy, Jimmy’s english degree has helped his writing skills. In fact, he wrote, reread, and rewrote Keto Clarity over 200 times before he was satisfied! Three more books are coming out in 2017!
Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: about Jimmy’s weight loss journey
21 Life Lessons: lessons he learned on his low carb journey
Cholesterol Clarity: deeper look into cholesterol
- Keto Clarity, Ketogenic Cookbook, and Complete Guide to Fasting: deeper look into the ketogenic diet

Key principles to making a change…15:55
- We have been lied to! We are allowing other people to tell us what to do and following their orders. We must be the ones who ultimately say yes or no to issues regard our health. It is important to recognize everyone is different. 

- Intermittent fasting is something Jimmy stayed away from because he always thought that fasting=starving! The first time he tried it, he hated it. But after hearing Dr. Jason Fung speak, he was fascinated and asked him to collaborate and write a book about fasting.
- A natural progression to start fasting would be to start by eating a nutrient dense diet. Maybe even start a ketogenic diet to make the fast seem easier. Then, try cutting out your snacks followed by cutting out one meal a day. This means you might need to eat more fat at your other meals so you do not get too hungry. Slowly make your way by only eating in a 4-8 hour window then finally just eat every other day. 

One key piece of advice…30:05
- Stop eating crap! Anything refined, processed, sugary, carby. Turn to real foods


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