15: Nora Tobin on staying fit and healthy living a fast-paced lifestyle

Nora Tobin is a health and wellness expert to 5-star hotels, a Performance Exercise Specialist, a certified nutrition specialist, Wilhelmina model, and hosts events for companies such as GoPro, Eddie Bauer, Fabletics, Shape magazine, and Roxy. Nora’s passion for health, nutrition, and wellness had led her all over the world. Born in Tahoe, she currently lives in Santa Barbara and continues to work with many companies and individuals to improve their wellbeing.

Nora’s Journey…2:45
- Nora’s dream was to be a professional volleyball player. She pursued the AVP and her knowledge/experience in health and nutrition grew as she trained. She eventually started a business in Santa Barbara helping individuals achieve success and it led to consulting for hotels as well. She writes articles for Shape magazine and Sports Illustrated as well.

Advice for the young apprentice…4:35
- Relentless pursuit: constantly reaching out, following up with people, and continuing to put yourself out there. You must have thick skin and not be discouraged by the ‘no’s’ that come along with being an entrepreneur. You never know when something great can come from a negative situation. 
- With fitness and nutrition, you must give yourself time. Everyone is different and all bodies respond differently. Don’t quit and keep persevering.

What are you excited about coming up…7:05
- Nora is trying to get some shows made and is looking forward to the challenges of the unknown! 
- The number one question she consistently got from clients was ‘what do I eat on the go as a snack?’ Nora is excited that the Too Busy To Eat bars are the answer to her clients question. 
- Her book proposal (see below).

What principles do you follow on a busy schedule; at home and traveling?…9:50
- The number one thing is getting in some sort of movement. Without daily movement, Nora finds she lacks creativity, is lethargic and does not have energy to give to her clients and responsibilities. 
- Being on the go at all times, Nora does not always have the resources to cook meals. One of her tricks is to always incorporate greens into every meal. A green tea, TBTE bar, or protein shake in between lunch and dinner is important. She also starts her day by drinking coffee with coconut oil first thing. On a business trip, she chooses to go low carb; a pure protein, lots of veggies on the side, or a big salad. Instead of having a hard time finding something healthy in the airport, Nora packs snacks; raw nuts, green powders, a bar etc. 
- Taking magnesium also helps with anxiety and sleep struggles while on the road. Taking a powdered magnesium supplementation will absorb in your bloodstream best.

Biggest Obstacle to staying healthy…18:15
- Her love for sweets! Being in the profession she’s in, you cannot afford to eat sweets everyday. Nora has found alternatives to cater to her sweet tooth without hurting her physique; like almond flour cookies. 
- Another obstacle is not having time to cook. Eating out is not ideal but choosing things that are organic or grass-fed are always something you can be mindful about.

Book Proposal…21:15
- Nora has written four book proposals but none of them quite took off. Her first was about being vegan because at the time, she was vegan. Realizing that eating vegan was impacting her hormones, she changed her nutrition and training plans. Her newest proposal covers how hormones are affected by nutrition and training.

One piece of advice for busy person…25:40
- Cut out processed foods, high sugar, and stay low carb.

- www.noratobin.com

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