18: Paul Southern on Making Lifelong Changes To Your Health and Fitness

Paul Southern is the CEO of Reactive Inc and the COO of the San Francisco Fire of the National Pro Grid League. His company, Reactive Inc., is a health and fitness coaching resource available to companies, big or small, and individuals. Paul helps coach those looking to make a long lasting difference in their lives. The National Pro Grid League is the world’s first co-ed team sport.

Paul’s Journey…2:55
Paul found the weight room at during 6th period at Foothill High School and has been hooked every since. He served with the Marines and helped coach them in health and physical training. When he got out of the service, he opened an active nutrition store and started a healthy meal delivery service. Through all of this, he was also training people out of his garage. After selling active nutrition and his meal program, he started Reactive. It was a consulting service and also a personal training gym. He got certified with CrossFit in 2007 and really enjoyed that community. He sold Reactive in 2014 and bought the rights to the San Fransisco Grid.

National Grid League…8:00
Tony Budding, who helped produce the Games, created Grid. It is a coed, team sport that brings in specialists to make one team. For example, you have your gymnasts, your weightlifters etc. Each specializes in one aspect to contribute to the team.

Putting together a team…9:20
Paul has great scouts in San Fransisco; the owners of Diablo CrossFit in the Bay. Stalking Instagram is a surprisingly effective way to find athletes. There are also combines and pro days for people to come and try out.

Key principles to staying healthy…11:50
So many people are sleep deprived. Only getting 6.5 hours a night shows that those are more likely to carry more body fat than those who get more sleep. Finding ways to breathe deeply and distress are also important to staying healthy. Having a purpose in life is another way to feel good about yourself. Nutrition and exercise are two obvious big ones.

How do nutrition and exercise affect you?…14:50
Paul says he cannot be effective if he does not take care of himself. Working out daily and eating well help his mind stay clear to accomplish goals. Strength work (Easy Strength by Dan John) and conditioning are Paul’s way to stay active and healthy. Nutrition consists of a lot of planning and prep for his meals. Many people find this hard to do but it’s a key step of making good choices. Batch cooking or using the crockpot makes things easy and convenient throughout a busy week.

What is your main focus at Reactive Inc?…19:55
Paul works with companies to get their employees healthier and fitter. The company benefits from this by having happier employees who are taking less sick days because they are healthy. He has a 12-week program that people can follow; offers weekly seminars and support materials to help accomplish goals. This program educates people and helps them create a lifelong difference.

What’s going on with the Grid League?…23:55
To learn more about the SF Fire, go to npgl.com. They are on Comcast Sports Net in CA or Root Sports in CO and UT. Right now they are looking at locations to host the league this year.

One piece of advice…28:10
People know their biggest limiting factor; think about where you can make a change in your life. Focus on one thing at a time and make it individualized.


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