20: Monica Reinagel, the Nutrition Diva, on helping people sift through nutrition info overload

Monica Reinagel went to music school and to become an Opera singer; that is where her name The Nutrition Diva came from. Now, Monica is a well-known nutritionist and author. She has a weekly podcast, does group programs, blogs for the Huffington Post and is a frequent guest on popular TV shows such as TODAY and Dr. Oz. Monica lives in Baltimore, Maryland and is still able to find the occasional concert singing gig on top of her successful nutrition career. 

Monica’s Journey…2:00

  • Nutrition is her ‘second act’ to a professional opera singer. Monica had always been interested in food and nutrition so when she strayed away from her singing career, she enrolled in culinary school and then became a licensed nutritionist. Now she works in media and communications within the nutrition community. 

Monica’s Philosophies…4:50

  • Monica does not specialize in one area, she is interested in every aspect. Just about everything she does is in response to her followers. She works to help other sift through the high quantity of information that is out there in the nutrition world.
  • Myth-busting and unpacking trends seem to be a big part of her job description.

 Where do you reach the most people?…7:00

  • The podcast (The Nutrition Diva) has been in publication for eight and a half years. There have been over 250 million downloads! Online and small group coaching is her new passion and is a very interactive way to connect with people.
  • Instead of focusing on what we are giving up, think of the things you get to eat more of. She focuses on making weight loss positive and full of things one is gaining instead of what they are missing out of. She tries to cultivate more appreciation for the ‘good enough’ diet. Some diets are so rigid, but there is room in a healthy diet to splurge every now and then.
  • Monica also encourages people to think of food outside of the box. Food isn’t only nourishing; it can be about artistic works, cultural experiences, and community.

Details about the program….12:30

  • This program fits into any dietary philosophy; vegan, paleo etc. Everyone pledges for 30 days and you answer a 10 yes-or-no quiz at the end of each day. Each client uses an app that tracks your ‘nutritional GPA.’ The goal is to get a ‘B’ grade by the end of the day. This makes it easy to track your goals and see improvement. The focus is not on calories or weight loss. However at the end of the 30 days, people typically end up losing 4-8lbs.

Monica’s Books…17:30

  • Monica has a great couple of books and each holds a ton of nutritional information.
  • Writing is a great tool and she is proud of her work, but Monica prefers to interact with her audience at a more personal level. Social media provides a more personal touch in a realistic and quick time. People tend to have more time to listen to a quick podcast or read a short article rather than sit down and read a 300 page book.

Presentation Audience…20:35

  • Monica also does educational programming for doctors, nutritional professionals, and others trying to expand their nutrition understanding.
  • Corporate wellness programming is another aspect that Monica is able to help companies with. Creating a culture of wellness expands farther than just the workplace; people tend to take it home with them.

 One piece of advice to a busy person…23:40

  • Do not get too uptight about the things you are not doing. Don’t underestimate the impact of small, positive changes.
  • Where you are right now is not nearly as important as the direction you are heading for. 




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