43: Eating low carb while traveling with the Low Carb Traveler, Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry is the face of Low Carb Traveler, a very popular social media community. Lynn has dedicated her life to helping others find a way to be on the go yet be able to follow a low-carb lifestyle. Her website is full of creative ideas, recipes, and encouragement to help start or continue fueling your low carb journey. 

Lynn decided to go low carb as a way to lose weight. She had no idea that it would become a lifestyle. She had gained weight and was in chronic pain, but she is living a full life without pain! At one point Lynn had it all, but it was her worst year ever. Her weight loss journey proved to be a turning point in her life. She gained a sense of freedom from changing her life by adopting a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. 

Low Carb Traveler… 5:45
Lynn loves what she does. She has a great audience and truly loves connecting with each and every person. She travels A TON and realized that if she only ate healthy at home, she would be 400lbs! Lynn decided 6 and ½ years ago that she was going to help others stay healthy on the go. This is ultimately how her business was born. 

What is the key to success during travel?...8:50
You want to have confidence and feel your best when you are on vacation, which is precisely why Lynn chooses to go off plan at home. Your reward is not food, but it’s how you feel. You want to be energized and confident. Regardless of how you look, if you are eating right, you feel in control and that conveys confidence. This confidence is more beautiful than any body part! When everything is spinning out of control or if you can’t do anything about certain things, you can control what you eat.

Willpower and self-control…12:45
Lynn knew she couldn’t change everything about her life. She chose low carb because someone once told her she could eat as much as she wanted as long as she stayed under certain numbers. She knew she wouldn’t have to starve herself and she could eat whenever and wherever she wanted. All she had to do to change were her decisions. This freedom allows her to be flexible when her days get busy. 

How do you manage your multiple platforms?...15:50
Lynn was an emotional eater and sometimes her job and life get stressful. This leads her to be very picky with her time. What makes it all worth it are the stories she hears from people. She sees life changes in people in the forms of food, fertility, chronic pain, stress, sicknesses, confidence…you name it! 

Advice for an unhealthy, stressed out traveler…20:15
Mindful living. Lynn used to get swept up in everyday life; she wants to teach people to make deliberate choices and to be in control. Every choice you have, make it with intention, confidence, and mindfulness. 


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