5: Dr. Thomas Cowan And Unique Ways To Get Vegetables In Your Diet

Dr. Thomas Cowan is a holistic doctor, an author of multiple books including How and Why to Eat More Vegetables, the founder of Dr. Cowan’s Garden, and his medical practice Fourfold Healing. He currently lives in San Francisco where he sees patients at Fourfold Healing.

How did you get here…2:13
- Dr. Cowan grew up with the idea of feeling like he had to be a doctor, even though he wasn’t really interested. Being in the peace corps for two years led him to discover that he wanted to be a holistic doctor. One who does not prescribe drugs but rather, proper foods.

How and Why to Eat More Vegetables…5:10
- In his book, Dr. Cowan looks at the most important decision to make about health: do we think the way we live and the medicine we take make us the healthiest we can be?
- 3 food groups: food from animals, foods from seeds, vegetables/fruit. 
- The typical native diet averaged 10-15 veggies per day out of 120 different kinds. Today we only get about 8 veggies (ketchup, fries, lack of variety) out of a much smaller pool. Vegetables are similar to vitamins in a sense. That is why we should be eating a wide variety of them.

Nourishing Traditions…12:35
- This book talks about how to apply principles of healthy eating to raising young children
- The two authors set out to create a vegetable revolution and encourage a wider variety of healthy eating.

How was the garden born?…15:55
- Dr. Cowan was given a garden, he tried a bunch of root powders in a restaurant kitchen, and learned about miron jars
- Miron jars- shield the vegetables or powders from wavelengths and help preserve freshness, flavors, and nutritional values.

Garden to consumer…18:40
- Dr. Cowan picks the best products from his garden, goes to local gardens/farms to grow his seeds the way he wants it do be done

What goes into each mixture…24:05
- A plant has three parts: root, stem/leave, flower/fruit. It is important to have a little from each of the three parts. Again, diversity and variety is key!

One piece of advice to improve health… 28:10
- Slow down and live a life that has contact with soil, air, water, and all of nature.
- Get some powders

- www.drcowansgarden.com

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