6: Barry Friedman on Changing Your Life By Being Sugar-Free

Barry is a World Juggling Champion and author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, I Love Me More Than Sugar. He has given multiple TED talks, is a sugar expert, and runs a program called ‘30 days sugar-free.’ Providing people with encouragement to give up their sugar habits is something he truly has a passion for.

How did Sugar-free Barry happen?…2:45
- Barry was the guy that ate what he wanted and did not think twice about it. After a frozen yogurt date with his son, he decided to give up sugar for 30 days. He noticed a difference the day after giving up this ‘drug’. Throughout his journey, he has noticed changes in his skin, waistline, and blood panel numbers.

Replacement for sugar…6:10
- He eats a lot of fruit. Even though fruit has sugar, Barry stays away from any added sugars. Now, his ‘sweet treats’ look like raisins, apples, or celery with almond butter.

30 Day Sugar Free Challenge…8:55
- Barry says it is hard to imagine the life waiting for you after giving up sugar. Start by giving up one thing at a time. Barry does a day-by-day coaching technique to help his clients. During Barry’s 30 day journey, every system in his body went against him on day 4, but he persevered and is able to shed light for those struggling. Day 4 is typically one of the hardest days of the challenge; your body is rebelling against but continue to break the chains that sugar has on you!

- A woman in Louisiana started at a size 18 and is now a size 4! After seeing his wife be so successful after her journey of giving up sugar, her husband (who was on the verge of death) tried the 30day challenge, stuck with it, and now they are both living happy and healthy lives! 
- More stories on www.30dayssugarfree.com

Tobacco and Sugar…16:05
- There is a ton of information coming out about sugar; in fact we will soon be comparing it to tobacco products. The big companies (soda, candies etc.) are donating and sponsoring health institutes…how does that make any sense?

I Love Me More Than Sugar…17:40
- This book is a breakdown of all things sugar. We have been exposed to so many different kinds of sugar and ways to incorporate it into our daily lives. We are eating 150lbs of sugar a year, we used to only eat 4lbs a year.

Journey with kids…23:25
- The best thing to do with our kids is be a good role model. It is important to do what you can to control the presence of sugar or other unwanted foods in your own home.

One piece of advice…26:55
- Get a piece of paper and write ‘change takes change.’ Put it somewhere you will see daily. It is important to get clear with your thoughts and goals.

- www.30dayssugarfree.com
- www.30dayssugarfree.com/tbte
- Barry will put together a few free videos for TBTE listeners!

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