7: Doug Holt on habits and goal setting to change your life

Doug Holt is a highly trained fitness expert, owner of four different companies, motivational speaker, and marketing expert. He has an extremely long, varied, and respected list of certifications and accomplishments. Doug has been featured in many publications and also contributes as a writer to an array of magazines. He now is residing in Oregon and developing material geared to help executives and entrepreneurs in both their business and personal lives.

- Doug Holt has been in the fitness industry and marketing industry for approximately 20 years now. We are all multi-faceted and it is possible to find balance between work and passions.

Doug’s Work…3:50
- He helped find a voice for different fitness professionals all over the world. Interestingly enough, many medical professionals do not have extensive nutrition or fitness training that they should have (they are more focused on medicines and chronic/acute illnesses).

Fitness/Nutrition Routine…9:50
- Realize that you ebb and flow, but always try to set yourself up for success. Doug does this by having a green shake or smoothie and always has healthy snacks ready and available! That way the right decision is easier to make.

Staple habits…12:25
- Doug has a green smoothie, salad, and breaks a sweat everyday. More importantly, he suggests to do something fun and make a game out of life! Doug breaks his life into 5 different categories; mind, body, soul, relationship and goals. Every 90 days he sets goals for each aspect of life. At the end of the 90 days, he can reflect and set new goals and view progress.

Goal setting…15:00
- Doug and Greg both suggest to break your goals up into reasonable time frames. Say you give yourself 100 days to reach a goal… Instead of waiting for the 100 day mark to come around, check in every 30 days or so to track your progress.

What are you most excited for?…16:30
- Author of Your Own Story will be launching in December of 2016. This will be an open platform where people can share and create their personal stories. If you were to write your story, would someone want to pick it up? Make the next ten years of your life a best seller!

One piece of advice for busy people….19:00
- Set yourself up for success. Before bed, Doug lays out his workout clothes and snacks to prep for the next day. Not planning causes you to become a victim to the things (often unhealthy foods or habits) around you.

- fitnessprofessionalsonline.com
- dougholtonline.com

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