55: Craig Ballantyne – How to Own the Day and Control the Life You Crave to Live


Craig Ballantyne is a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life — and his brand-new book, The Great Cardio Myth, debunks all the untruths you've been told about cardio being a silver bullet for weight loss and heart health. In this episode, Craig shares his journey as a writer, personal trainer, and coach. He also shares his formula on how one can own the day and take control of the life one craves. He also debunks the role of diet, exercise, and sleep to make you function at your optimal self while enjoying work-life balance.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:46 - Craig’s personal and career journey
  • 05:21 - Craig’s different writing process: Perfect Day Formula. The Great Cardio Myth
  • 08:45 - How Craig marketed his book through interviews and coaching
  • 09:41 - How Craig makes the most of his time, given his current demands
  • 11:20 - Craig shares how to design a day to be productive
  • 14:45 - What is the role of diet and exercise to you and to his productivity?
  • 16:35 - What his daily routine looks like
  • 17:26 - Craig’s 10-3-2-1-0 Formula for sleep
  • 19:00 - Craig’s battle with anxiety
  • 22:45 - Craig’s one piece of advice to people who want to be successful and want to master work-life balance

Tweetable Quotes

"A book still has incredible power for helping you build a business or reputation."

"It is a self-analysis of figuring out myself and how I interact with the day."

"Magic time is the time of the day where you are three times more productive."

"Time is not something happening to you. You are happening to time."

"Make sure you don’t get stuck in your own head."

"We need to have a victory to give us motivation and momentum to keep going back and coming back tomorrow."

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