Episode 28: Maria Emmerich on Creating Low-Carb and Ketogenic Meals for the Whole Family

Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert and author in the low carb and ketogenic field. She studied exercise physiology and wants to help people feel their best. Her best-selling book, ‘The Ketogenic Cookbook’ has helped people achieve their health goals all over the world. Maria has two sons and instills healthy habits in them. She encourages busy families that it is possible to get healthy and tasty meals on the table!

Maria’s Journey…2:30
- Maria grew up as a heavy child, but was always an athlete. She competed in marathons and went to school for exercise physiology. During the downfall of the economy, Maria was lucky enough to find a job as a nutritionist. One of her clients encouraged her to write a book, especially regarding the ketogenic and low carb diets.

Maria’s Clients…8:25
- Her clientele is all over the world! She does phone or Skype consultations to help work around her busy schedule. Before the meeting, she sends out a packet of information for the client to orient themselves with her philosophy. Maria helps her clients find the perfect balance of macros. She loves encouraging people to move away from the processed, sugary foods and back to natural, whole foods.

How do you see success in your kids eating habits?…12:50
- When the kids are home, they eat what is in the house. With two active boys, Maria educates them about the consequences and benefits of certain foods they eat. Maria will make most of the classic foods like burgers, chili, lasagna; she just makes it a paleo/low carb way. Starting kids off on sugary foods young will lead them to crave those foods more and more. If one starts feeding kids healthier foods at a young age, they will enjoy those foods.

- Maria wants people to know that eating healthy does not mean deprivation. Her cookbooks are meant to help people enjoy the food they eat while making a lifestyle change. She is working on a ‘restaurant’ cookbook that includes moo-shu pork and pancakes! Her ‘30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse’ is a great staple to have in any kitchen. She talks about exercise, mitochondria along with other physiology, topical chemicals, and of course, lots of food!

Advice for someone looking to make a change…23:15
- The first step is to look at your breakfast. That is a great place to start removing the hidden sugars that many do not know about. A small glass of skim milk has more sugar than 4 Starburst! Changing your breakfast will affect how you feel the rest of the day and hinder other cravings. 
- The second step would be to look at labels. Companies are moderating food to contain tons of hidden sugar. Check the labels for sugar before you buy them.

- www.mariamindbodyhealth.com

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