Episode 29: Mark Fisher on Making Serious Fitness Fun and Purposeful

Mark Fisher is the Co-CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF); a gym that focuses on speaking to people that the traditional fitness regimen might not speak to. Community and authenticity is key to the success that Mark has found within his gyms. Seeing that Mark was a previous actor, MFF is home to many people within the Broadway community. Their humor and crazy-fun antics make it a unique and one of the fastest growing companies in New York City.

Mark’s Journey…2:20
- Mark did not come from the world of athletics. He grew up very thin and insecure about his body. He got into weightlifting to build muscle, not because he enjoyed it. Mark was a young actor when he realized he had a knack for teaching fitness/nutrition concepts in a fun way that his theater crew could relate to. Now Mark Fisher Fitness works with people who might not necessarily be termed as ‘gym people.’

Ridiculous Humans, Serious Fitness…5:00
- Like any business, you try things out and see how people respond. Over time you begin to modify and turn that into your own standards. Offering a consistent experience is key, but at MFF, they create a space that allows people to be authentic. The things that blow people’s minds are not systemized; this is what makes Mark Fisher Fitness so unique.

What to expect at Mark Fisher Fitness…6:30
- Variation and fun! Trainers may be dressed up in fun outfits, but above all, people feel challenged and accomplished when they leave. They strive to not take themselves too seriously, but they take exercise physiology extremely seriously.

Fitness Philosophy…9:50
- Mark’s clients are typically general population; they do not do a lot of sports enhancement. There are two offerings: metabolic resistance training classes and semi-private training. Their initial push is to encourage people who may not be comfortable in the fitness world. The authenticity of Mark Fisher Fitness helps clients (aka ninjas) find a ‘new version’ of themselves that they haven’t been able to discover before.

How do you develop community?…16:30
- The community cultural within Mark Fisher Fitness is not done directly, but conditions are created to help clients thrive. Looking for opportunities to develop trainers, clients, and outer communities are ways that people connect and form relationships. Because people are sharing experiences, it turns into an emotional dealing. People start to bond and grow together through their transformations. Their culture creates a safe space and encourages people to be themselves.

What is next for MFF?…21:05
- They have an online program for those who do not live in NYC: www.mybroadwaybody.com. Mark is excited to dive deeper into this program this year. Mark and his business partner have also been doing more writing about business at www.businessforunicorns.com. They are excited to keep making MFF better and hopefully expand farther and farther.

Advice for a busy person who is adverse to fitness…25:25
- Do not compromise on fun and community. Find ways to workout and meals to eat that you truly enjoy. All too often we choose the ‘ideal’ versus what we actually like to do.

- www.markfisherfitness.com

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