Episode 32: Amber Brueseke on Having Biceps After Babies

Amber Brueseke is a wife, mother to 4, and fitness coach; she is basically a supermom! Amber practiced as a registered nurse until pursuing her passion in the health industry. She has a successful coaching business and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Her Instagram account, @biceps.after.babies, is an extremely successful and active community and can be used as a great resource tool. She wants people to love their bodies and perform and feel the best they can.

Amber’s Journey…2:45 
Growing up, Amber’s mom was a huge health influence in her life. From a young age Amber remembers watching her mom teach fitness classes and learning how to lift weights from her. This instilled an excitement to workout and live out a healthy lifestyle. 
Amber lifted weights for years and then dabbled in running and other forms of fitness. But after her first child, Amber found her love for the gym and lifting weights again. In 2016 Amber set a new goal for herself: GET ABS! After 4 children, counting her macros, and staying determined, she reached her goal.

IIFYM is an acronym for ‘If it fits your macros’ which can also be called flexible dieting. This is a recent mainstream style of ‘diet.’ It works for many people because it is a long-term plan. With this style of nutrition planning one’s carbs, fat, and protein intake is calculated and there are margins to stay within. This is where the flexibility comes from. You have the ability to eat a cookie or eat more broccoli; as long as it fits your macros. 
With this method, you track your calories and weigh your food. To some people, this may seem taxing and inconvenient. However, Amber views it as an opportunity to teach. This method will help teach proper portion sizes and moderation. Down the road, you will have the knowledge and the proper experience that allows you to make intuitive decisions about your food choices.

How do you balance home and work life?…10:10 
Finding balance is an ever evolving process. Amber is always striving to reach that balance; some days are better than others. Amber finds that segmenting her time helps. When she is teaching classes, that’s all she is focused on. When she is working on Instagram and her business, she is fully committed to those focuses. This allows her to be focused and give her best to each aspect of life.

Coaching Business…12:00 
Amber works mostly with moms. She has different lengths of coaching programs and acts as a resource, advocate, mentor etc. She helps with their lifting programming, calculating macros, and other advice. Through coaching, Amber often sees her clients go through very positive mental changes on top of the transformation their body undergoes.

Food for kids…15:25 
After trying different things, Amber has found that offering a variety of foods works best for her family. Amber and her husband have a ‘two bites, no fights’ rule; meaning even if you do not like the food, you must take two bites of it! What is on the table is Amber and her husband eat and also what her children can eat. If they decide not to, breakfast will come eventually!

The Compound Effect…18:40 
This is a personal development book by Darren Hardy. It is not focused on weight loss, but all of the advice in his book can be applied to a weight loss and fitness journey. It will fit within any facet of life.

One piece of advice for the person trying to get healthy?…20:50 
‘Work for the body you want while loving the body you have.’ This is the tagline for Amber’s business and what she wants all of her clients to experience. You will get so much further in your fitness journey when you come from a place of loving your body versus a place of hating your body.

Website coming soon: www.bicepsafterbabies.com

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