Episode 34: Mihaela Telecan on Personalizing Your Approach to Nutrition and Overall Health


Mihalea Telecan is a veterinarian who changed her focus to nutrition and is now a Registered Dietician, GAPS practitioner, health coach, and fitness instructor. She has plenty of experience in the nutrition world through experimentation, dietetic internship hours, and graduate coursework. She helps her clients reach a truly customized lifestyle plan, there is not short-term diet with Mihaela! She lives in Florida with her husband and son and loves to ride her bike when she isn’t working with clients or spending time with family.

- Mihaela grew up in a Communist country -they basically had no food industry. Her mom and her family ate what they grew; she had a very healthy diet. She was in veterinarian school when she realized she was extremely constipated (she would go 10 days without using the bathroom). She admitted herself to a hospital where she was diagnosed with mega-colon, meaning an extra long colon. This started her quest to fix her gut and she started paying close attention to what she was eating. She was vegetarian and went raw vegan for years all while having high energy levels and feeling great. 
- After some time, she started to realize vegan/vegetarian life wasn't working for her. She was constantly cold, poor digestion, her thyroid was starting to act out, and she was extremely bloated. During her first pregnancy, she did not pass the screening test for gestational diabetes. This was a wake up call. A year and a half after her son was born, she came across the low carb world. Reintroducing herself to animal fats and getting rid of a majority of carbs, Mihaela found that she was no longer obsessing about food or struggling with mood swings.

Mihaela’s Services…15:00
- Mihaela is a nutrition coach and offers her expertise to those needing assistance. She implements a whole food, low-carb approach. She works with people that struggle with all sorts of different issues; leaky gut, diabetes, etc. Her clients are taught to train their bodies to fuel themselves by using fat sources. She meets with clients weekly and is all about accountability and personalizing each person’s goals. Mihaela has a goal of educating each person in her program; not only in nutrition, but sleep and their minds as well.

Advice to someone looking to reach better health…22:15
- How are you breaking your fast? What do you start your day with? Pay attention to your first meal, as it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Mihaela recommends low carb, healthy fats, and enough protein to fuel your busy day.

Free Gift and Contact…
- Mihalea is giving listeners a 1 week whole foods, low carb menu: ‘No Will Power Needed’
- bit.ly/nowillpowerLCHFmenu 
- www.mihaelatelecan.com

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