Episode 37: Dr. Andrew Miles on How the Busy Person Can Handles Stress

Dr. Andrew Miles specializes in Chinese medicine with post graduate experience in British Columbia and advanced diagnostics and integrated medicine at the Chengdu University of TCM in China. He treats chronic pain and promotes the importance of gut health. He has been presented awards from Chinese and Taiwanese governments for his contributions to Chinese medicine.

- Dr. Miles’ step-dad was Chinese which is when he was introduced to the Chinese culture. At the time, he was learning martial arts and along with martial arts comes injury. That was also when he became interested in Chinese medicine. He ended up going to school for Chinese medicine in British Columbia and then continued his studies in China. He learned what it meant to be effective through tons of traveling, exposure, and mentors. Because of them, he was encouraged to close his dream clinic in order to follow them. Dr. Miles views this as a perspective shift that was bound to happen. There is no way he could have accomplished what he has now without that critical decision.

Studying in China…6:25
- There is actually an entire separate class of doctors that work with professionals. Some doctors recommend cutting back the numbers of hours worked; that’s not realistic in all cases. There are some people that spend a lot of time on a plane or traveling and that could be the time they budget for sleep. For example, if you travel to have a dinner meeting with a government official and he/she serves you a very nice bottle of wine, you’re on their time; will you decline? Probably not. Those business men or women may not have the luxury to be picky about their food or choose the meals that are served.

- Right now, Dr. Miles is working on a project that is directly helping CEOs. When operating under long-term stress, the brain is overloaded and constantly inflamed. Overtime, the connections in the brain begin to break down. If you aren’t eating ideal foods, then your gut starts to become irritated as well. Dr. Miles is working to relieve this problem. His goal is to provide relief to the people who are on-the-go and busy all the time. He is treating the whole person, not just one aspect of their issues.

Biggest hurdles…12:40
- The main access to distributors has been the most difficult task to overcome. Dr. Miles is bringing Chinese medicine over to the West, but is having a hard time finding schools here that teach the proper aspects of Chinese medicine.

How to manage stress…15:45
- Protect your gut flora. In China, he saw many people spend the night drinking, but the next morning they would spend half of the day drinking fermented teas such as Oolong or pu-er tea. Both of these are good for gut health. The tea helps with digestion and pulls any nutrients from whatever they would eat. You can also find an herbalist to help find the key combination to what will help calm your stress levels.

What do you see most often?…20:20
- Sleep breakdown. As soon as we get burnt out, we lose the ability to restore ourselves. Stress, concentration, and memory start to take a hit. This is followed by a low-grade depression, which only adds pressure and neural decay. Dr. Miles may recommend breath work or acupuncture; it depends on the person and the time they have to get their health back.

Advice for the busy, stressed out person…24:20
- Ask yourself, do you sigh or yawn more? Watch your breathing and see if your body is trying to exhale or inhale more. This will tell you what your body actually needs. If you are trying to sigh, it’s a problem of distribution; there is some sort of blockage. This is the time you can run or exercise it off. If you are yawning, it means you are drawing blood to the internal organs. That means you are trying to nourish and power up, and recharge.


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