Episode 40: JP Sears on connecting with yourself to achieve your true capabilities

JP Sears is a certified Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner and an emotional healing coach, tied together with comedy. His YouTube channel is extremely popular; the humorous videos will surely make you laugh, but they also convey important messages. He encourages clients and his audiences to connect with themselves on a deeper level to achieve their true capabilities.


  • The comedy side of JP started in childhood. He found that if he could make people laugh, he felt a sense of significance. After high school, JP went off to college for a few months. After realizing college was not for him, he discovered that exercise was. He never thought of it as a career, but started studying exercise courses which led to his interest in nutrition. Following his interest in nutrition came ways to reduce stress. Through this, he found the art of emotional healing. He had been doing emotional healing for 13 years before making his first ‘Ultra Spiritual’ comedy video. JP uses the language of comedy to deliver messages of self-awareness and consideration.

Awaken with JP…8:10

  • This was created in 2013, before any of his videos were made. The name ‘Awaken’ is exactly what he wants to achieve with his clients. Along with clientele services, JP also has a book! The main motivation for the book was a creative challenge. He had never done anything like that before; he had to dive deep into the vertical dimensions for his book. Over the years, he has slowly started to give up his client work to focus fully on his other projects. 


  • JP attends and speaks at events to be able to reach multiple people rather than just one at a time. He sees it as his ‘canvas that he is able to paint on.’ There is nothing like a live audience; the presence of people impart a beautiful state on him. 

‘Ultra Spiritual’ Videos…16:30

  • The responses from the videos come in a big spectrum; some people find them funny while others are impacted in a more significant manner. Those who are impacted deeply feel as if he is portraying their own, true selves. That is the whole meaning to each video creates; to allow others to uncover their feelings.

Exercise and Nutrition…19:45

  • Amidst the travel, events, and his busy life, JP works to be in a peak state both mentally and physically. So much of what he does is second nature; remember his passion for exercise and nutrition in his late teens? He eats very clean, whole foods; no processed foods or gluten. His body reacts well to a high fat, very low sugar diet; lots of coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, etc. He gets to the gym four times a week for about 45 minutes a session. He concentrates on slow, eccentric movements. Sleep is also extremely important to JP; he typically gets a solid 8 hours of sleep.

Advice for a busy person…25:30

  • Take a little bit of time and find a bodily sensation; it may be tingling in your foot or tightness in your neck etc. Sit down, meditate on that feeling, and breathe through that sensation. This practice only takes 5 minutes to become more aware of yourself. Be consistent with this practice. After practicing the bodily feelings for some time, try finding an emotion and meditating on that.


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