Episode 41: Balancing life while pursuing success with dynamic business woman and super mom, Amanda Tress

Amanda Tress is a wife and a mom to soon-to-be three children, a personal trainer, and a digital marketing consultant. She runs and manages multiple highly successful businesses. Her passion is to help other entrepreneurs be successful in not only work but life as well. She has built a wonderful social media community and uses her platform to reach many women find their success.



Amanda is a mom of two and soon to be three; their daughter will be joining them soon! Her journey to health started in high school. She was active and fit, but not healthy. She was dealing with tons of stress, blood sugar issues, and a metabolic disorder. Even though she was an athlete, her nutrition was not good. Her family did not model healthy eating; most of her family meals were fast food. When she got to college, Amanda noticed she was the only one of her peers that was on blood pressure medicine. She became a personal trainer and started to learn more about nutrition. Granted, the nutrition education available then is greatly different to today’s information. Fast forward several years, Amanda found herself very immerse in the fitness world. After her first child, she discovered some food sensitivities; she took out gluten and dairy, and it immediately changed her life. She maintains a focus on whole food nutrition.

Intermittent Fasting… 6:25

She discovered intermittent fasting before it became trendy, also because she was literally ‘too busy to eat!’ She continues to practice intermittent fasting; she prefers to skip breakfast and breaks her fast at noon. It’s so important for your immune system, insulin sensitivity, and the maintenance of skeletal muscle. Our bodies thrive during those short periods of fasting.

 A fitness professional who doesn’t cook?!...10:15

Amanda has a personal chef to help with her busy schedule. She has delegated cooking to ‘Chef Donna’ to help her family and prioritize other things in her life. Amanda encourages her clients to plan ahead.

 How does Amanda handle her busy life?…12:50

It has been a process, but one of the most important elements are those in her support team. Amanda is good at deciding what is not essential. If it is not critical or extremely time sensitive, she tends to not worry about it. Amanda schedules her workouts to make sure that is a top priority. Sleep is another area that Amanda does not take lightly. Getting the right amount of rest (or power naps) is crucial to her success.


Amanda follows a carb cycling lifestyle which she strategically lines up with her workouts. On Monday and Tuesday, she focuses on high-intensity interval training or fasted cardio. Wednesday is full body strength, Thursday is back day, Friday is a rest/active recovery day, Saturday is leg day and donut day(!), and finally, Sunday is yoga or active recovery.


Creating and running a fitness business, a business coaching company, and a full-service digital marketing agency is no small feat. In addition to fitness, she has a career background in digital marketing. Her passion is to help other wellness professionals earn enough income to recirculate their wealth. She specializes in working with women who want to scale a business online.

 What’s next?...20:45

 Amanda is very focused on her membership site for her fitness clients. She works with mentors providing people with workouts and accountability. Her most exciting project is ‘The Faster Way to Fat Loss Certified Coaching Program.’ Other trainers learn her strategies and then run ‘The Faster Way to Fat Loss Programs.’

 Advice for an unhealthy person…22:45

 Your journey is about progress, not perfection. Make one small daily change and focus on that. If you feel progress and passion, you will accomplish your long-term goals.


Contact… https://www.amandatress.com

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