52: Kyndra Holley – Peace, Love and Low Carbs


Kyndra Holley is the face behind the blog Peace, Love and Low Carb and a published author of The Primal Low Carb Kitchen Cookbook, Craveable Keto, Keto Happy Hour, and 30 Minute Ketogenic Cooking.

In this episode, Kyndra shares her weight loss journey and how she used her many years in the restaurant industry and her passion for cooking to create ever changing menus for herself and to the people who wants to change their diets through her blog and books. She also shares her passion in the weight loss potential and health benefits of a real food low carb/keto way of life.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:57 - Kyndra’s accidental career
  • 04:00 - Kyndra’s weight loss journey through eating real food low carb foods
  • 05:00 - birth of Peace, Love and Low Carb blog
  • 06:57 - Kyndra’s book writing journey
  • 11:04 - What work life management looks like for Kyndra
  • 15:30 - Kyndra’s books
  • 16:59 - The importance of self-care
  • 20:36 - Her weight loss and healthy eating advice
  • 23:53 - What’s next for Kendra

Tweetable Quotes

"If there is a chance to turn a hobby into a career, treat it like a career from day one."

"In the digital age, we are less connected (then how we were) before."

"You don’t get a paycheck if you do not work and it’s the same when you run your own business."

"Self-care means quiet time to disconnect."

"Keep it simple and focus on whole foods."

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Peace, Love and Low Carb

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