51: Miriam Kalamian - Bringing Quality of Life to Cancer Patients With a Ketogenic Diet


Miriam is a nutrition professional specializing in the use of the Ketogenic Diet for cancer and other metabolic diseases. She has a passion for helping others implement this diet, which comes directly from her personal experience. In 2004, her 4-year old son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor; standard care therapies failed to stop the relentless progression of his disease, which made her realize she needed to switch gears and find other options.

In this episode, discover how Miriam offers hope to cancer patients with the Ketogenic diet, and learn the potential Keto diet offers to bring quality of life to cancer patients and their families. Also, learn about the challenges of the conventional cancer community and why they resist Keto and other nutritional therapies.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:10 - Miriam’s family’s personal journey against cancer with the Ketogenic diet
  • 05:45 - Stumbling upon Dr. Seyfried and his book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer
  • 12:16 - Targeted therapy
  • 13:43 - What motivated her to write Keto for Cancer
  • 15:48 - Importance of meal composition, the Keton- glucose index
  • 17:16 - Her advocacy to spread hope to fight cancer with the Ketogenic diet
  • 18:13 - Ketogenic diet as a cure to other diseases
  • 21:52 - The unique power of short fasts immediately before and after conventional treatment
  • 26:43 - Keton supplements
  • 29:58 - What’s next for Miriam after her TED talk experience
  • 33:38 - Her advice to cancer patients and their families
  • 36:40 - Mariam’s son’s cancer journey

Tweetable Quotes

"I am here to help clear the obstacles and negativities that are put into people’s way."

"When you see something it is so much easier to stand up to the skeptics than to do something."

"Glucose causes cancer."

"When you increase Keton, glucose drops."

"Your doctor can make suggestions but he cannot force you to [undergo] any medical treatment,"

"I want to connect my son’s personal story."

"I would never consent to a plan of treatment without running to two centers that are not connected to to the center you are already at."

"I suggest people get a naturopathic doctor."

Links Mentioned

Miriam’s website

Miriam’s book

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