12: Kenny Stanford II and Roy Maynor Jr on using fitness and nutrition to jumpstart your life

Kenny Stanford II and Roy Maynor Jr are the head coaches and owners of GRIT Fitness in Texas. Their number one goal is to educate people about the importance of nutrition and fitness. They excel by incorporating an element of fun into their training. Obstacle course racing is the vehicle they chose to do that with and share with others. Both live in Texas with their families and love their busy lives.

- Kenny and Roy wanted to help people discover that they are capable of things that they never thought they could do. They wanted to prove that they are not ‘too busy’ to eat right or exercise. GRIT Fitness opened in January and started really small, just friends at first. Now they are seeing it expand. Both have a passion for fitness and nutrition, which encourages them to continue learning. The book, The Wild Diet by Abel James, has really opened up a new avenue in their lives. Health is contagious!

Kenny saw the documentary Food Inc. and had decided to make a change to become healthier. After trying P90x and eating right, nothing quite stuck. He saw some ads for a Spartan Race and was attracted to the competitiveness so he signed up! His results and progress he made allowed him to realize how badly he craved this sort of training. Kenny and Roy got together and started to train as partners. Their friendship grew and the rest is history! Both still do obstacle courses and spartan races and they try to do as many races as possible throughout the year.

What is coming up that you are excited about?…21:40
GRIT fitness is constantly expanding and their goal is to continue expanding more and more. They would like to train and educate people in many different aspects of health and fitness. There is a brand new facility being built to accommodate their ever growing community. Kenny and Roy are also working on a video series that will consist of advice and guidance regarding health and fitness.

One piece of advice to a busy person…25:45
Kenny: Don’t wait for the perfect moment or timing. Make the time for it and make it a priority. Have a community or training partner.
Roy: You will blink and years have passed. Eat right, stay active, and set attainable goals. It’s about the process; keep putting one foot in front of the other.

- www.gritfitnessocr.com
- Facebook page: GRIT Fitness TX

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