17: Todd White on improving your health through drinking wine

Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines; the world’s only natural and health-focused wine club. They use the highest quality wines from winemakers all over Europe. Todd is a writer, speaker, and a leading authority of micro-dosing for alcohol, vitality, and longevity. Along with his expertise in wine, he is also successful in the ketogenic world. He wrote a cookbook called Keto Well and speaks about his journey to low carb eating. Todd lives and works in the heart of Napa Valley wine country in Oakville, CA.

Todd’s Journey…3:05
Becoming ketogenic three years ago, Todd found he could not drink traditional wines anymore. He started deconstructing and biohacking wines to try and figure out what was going on. There are 76 additives that are approved by the FDA that are in commercial wines that we are not aware of. Dry Farm Wines offers a truly natural wine. There are no additives, chemicals, no sugar or carbs. There are only a few hundred winemakers that make truly natural wines; all are imported from Europe.

How much can I drink?…7:15
Be aware that the alcohol percentage on many commercial bottles sold in the market are not accurate. Alcohol is a domino drug; the more you drink, the more you are drawn into drinking more. Dry Farm Wines stays under a 12.5 alcohol percentage and does very specific testing to ensure this. Having these natural wines in the evening is a great way to enjoy each other’s company while having something to indulge in without the hangover feeling the next day.

Health Benefits…12:15
There cardiovascular and neurological health benefits that come from drinking a pure wine. Commercial wines are filled with sugar and it is important to be aware of those; especially if following a ketogenic diet.

How are the sugary wines processed differently from pure wines…14:45
It begins with irrigation; irrigation changes the physiology with how the fruit ripens. Fruit is filled with water which makes it less flavorful. The irrigation also makes the fruit heavier (fruit is sold by weight) thus making it worth more. When the sugary fruit juice is treated with yeast, the yeast eats the sugar; making carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol. The higher the sugar, the more there is for the yeast to eat which makes the alcohol percentage higher. In a natural farm setting, there is higher quality fruit and a lower amount of sugar in the fruit. When the yeast eats the sugar, it finishes the process quicker because of the lower sugar content. This produces a lower amount of alcohol. The wine is sugar free because it is completely fermented; the yeast eats all of the sugar.

Advice for health conscious wine drinkers…19:00
Go to Dry Farm Wines! Search for natural wines online. There are a few natural wine merchants in bigger cities that are available. If you are in a restaurant, stick with a French wine or an imported wine. It won’t be perfect, but you have a better chance at getting something a bit healthier than the sugar loaded ones typically offered.

Dry Farm Wines Programs…24:20
Dry Farm Wines is an online wine club. They offer either 6 or 12 bottle shipments. They are all imported, natural, and they do not charge for delivery. They do not do single bottle sales because the community they cater to are wine drinkers. Which means they often need to order more than one bottle anyways!

What are you most excited about…28:15
The expanding world of consciousness and meditation; Wim Hof breathing, the ketogenic diet, cold thermogenesis. We have the opportunity to use this powerful tool to benefit us in many ways. Consider trying this method to help further your nutrition and health journey.


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