2: Dr. Samantha and her Unique Approach to Reaching Optimal Health

Dr. Samantha Brody is a naturopathic physician and the founder of the Evergreen Natural Health Center. She caters to each person on a very individualized based to find the health values that work best for that specific person. She grew up eating SpaghettisOs and processed foods as a child up until college where she found alternative medicine. After medical school, she settled down in Portland, Oregon and opened the Evergreen Natural Health Center where she continues to treat patients today. 

Samantha’s Journey….1:40
- Super picky and not much exposure to healthy foods
- At age eight her mom was fed up with her picky habits, so Samantha would go to the market and pick out her own foods. Most which came from cans and boxes. It was not until the end of high school and start of college when she tried veggies!
- In college, being a vegetarian was the ‘thing’ to do so she jumped on board which started her health journey

Key Principles to eat healthy while staying busy ….6:10
- Two biggest things: understand what is important to you and get clear about your values and how you want to feel everyday. It is easy to eat what feels good at the moment but does that line up with your values?
- Pay attention to how you feel (physically, emotionally, mentally) after you eat certain things, sleep well or not, encounter different stressors.
- this can also be practiced with children to make them aware at an early age (especially the eating).

Dr. Samantha’s Unique Approach/Outcome…8:20
- What everyone wants/needs is different, which is why we all have a sweet spot (with foods, sleep, exercise, etc.)
- The 30-day jumpstart programs do not prepare us or help us learn where our sweet spot is, which is why they work in the beginning but not the long haul. 
- Dr. Samantha works to find where people have/do not have flexibility in their lives to uncover their optimal well-being.

What is the process of a Skype consultation?…11:05
- Very similar to face-to-face; full intake of medical history, previous labs, talk about values and goals.
- Look at their goals and make a game-plan
- Will always include taking supplements and a talk about nutrition. Then it becomes more individualized depending on the person. 

- The accumulation of stresses is the most important thing to consider
- Looking at the big picture of all the different stress sources helps us pinpoint what we can change, what we can’t change, and what we choose not to change.
- Think outside the box, quiet your mind, and find something that fits into your lifestyle.

Biggest Challenges that are in the way of staying healthy…18:30
- Not understanding what is important to you
- People using food or choices emotionally
- Not understanding there is always a way to find a solution. There is always a way.

Stubborn weight gain…19:50
- Undereating (your body wants to store fat because it thinks your starving), not regulating blood sugar, hormones, and stress are all significant issues that affect people.
- Tracking food helps people see what they are eating. This shows that what you are actually doing is not always the same as what you think you are doing

Societal Stressors…22:10
- People are beating themselves up everyday over not losing weight or looking what they want to look like. They give themselves a hard time, judge themselves, speak to themselves in such a negative way.
- It can’t be an everyday occurrence. It’s okay to want to be healthier, but you can’t drive yourself into the ground for not being where you think you ‘should’ be.

What are you excited about?…23:15
- Book Proposal: The Stress Less Strategy
- All about accumulative stress and how to address your health from that perspective 

One takeaway for a busy person to maintain a healthy life…25:40
- Find out what is important to you.
- Plan ahead just enough so there is always something to eat in your reach
- cooking extra, making sure it is easily accessible 

- Best way to contact Dr. Samantha: www.drsamantha.com
- FREE GIFT download!
- www.drsamantha.com/tbte

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