4: Ben Greenfield on Fine-Tuning The Human Body

Ben Greenfield is a New York Times bestselling author, a former bodybuilder and triathlete, and expert/trainer in all things health, nutrition, and performance. He is the owner of Greenfield Fitness Systems, a company dedicated to finding the best solutions to help people reach their personal goals, and is the host of a very popular podcast show, BenGreenfieldFitness. He lives in Washington with his wife and two sons and continues to look for ways to fine-tune the human body.

- Beyond Training, New York Times Bestseller
- NSCA Trainer of the Year: 2008
- Top 100 Influential People in Health and Fitness: 2013-2014

Moving beyond the basics…2:50
-Many people have access to basic nutrition, training programs, and health information. But it is crucial to pay attention to the invisible variables that many people ignore and pair that with eating healthy and moving more.

-If you are constantly exposed to positive ions or carcinogenic properties, you can reverse it by exposing yourself to negative ions. Expose yourself to nature! For example, if you are always around wifi or Bluetooth signals, go outside and walk barefoot, expose yourself to pure water, or buy an air filter.

Workout routine…13:30
-Since your parasympathetic nervous system is active in the morning, ease into the day with things that are not stressful; breathing, stretching, walk, hike. Usually about 20-30 min worth.

-Save harder workouts for later in the day around 4-7pm when your body temperature is highest, reaction times are fastest, and post workout protein synthesis is at it's peak. Activities could range from weight lifting, HIIT, metcons, or paddle boarding

What are you excited about…15:45
-Besides life, Ben is working on a training regimen for obstacle course racers. He is also writing a fiction book and spear fishing.


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