42: Understanding ketosis with Ketogenic Bible author, Ryan Lowery


Ryan Lowery is the President and co-founder of Applied Science and Performance Institute. He studied exercise physiology along with exercise and nutrition. He is the co-author of The Ketogenic Bible, a book that explores scientific research concerning ketosis. His knowledge and passion towards the subject are evident through his public speaking events and has led to many academic awards. 

Ryan grew up in a small town in New Jersey. He was always playing sports and could eat anything he wanted, but couldn’t put on weight. For most, they wouldn’t mind this problem, but for Ryan, he wanted to put on some weight to be successful in sports. Going into college he was interested in physical therapy and soon realized that his passion for nutrition was stronger. He first learned of the ketogenic diet and ketosis after hearing it from colleagues. He’s been studying how the ketogenic diet, performance, and training techniques work together ever since. He is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and application. He wants to break down the complex science for people to apply it to everyday life. 

The Ketogenic Bible…6:55
He and Dr. Wilson have been working on this book for a very long time. The way that ketosis is growing, the more misinformation comes along with it. Their goal is to provide factual evidence in a comprehensive and simple way to understand.

What is ketosis?...8:00
A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate protein way of living. Fat is back! People were misled that fat was causing heart disease and obesity; in reality, it’s the combination of high amounts of fat and high carb ways of eating.

Therapeutically, there are tons of new discoveries and hopes. Traumatic brain injury, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, longevity, are all being looked at through a ketogenic perspective. A bunch of companies are coming out with exogenous ketones. These complement the diet to help someone become more flexible in their ketogenic diet. Cognitive aspects and performance are also starting to emerge. 

Healthy Tricks…11:30
A lot of times Ryan uses Intermittent Eating (fasting sounds restricting) as a way to maintain his ketogenic way of eating amidst his busy schedule. It takes time for people to adapt to not eating a ‘normal’ three times a day. There are many ways to help your body kick start its journey; MCT oil or coconut oil in your coffee or drinking exogenous ketones. Many times the psychology of not eating is more difficult than actually performing the task. 

Nutrition as medicine…16:50
People who are obese are essentially sick. New studies and research are proving how illnesses can be treated with nutrition. There is a concept Ryan refers to as ‘Press/Pulse.’ He and others call to ‘press’ into the ketogenic diet. We should ‘pulse’ with drugs like radiation or chemotherapy. Right now it is reversed; these treatments are harsh to our bodies. What we eat is extremely valuable to our bodies and its effects can treat many different illnesses if done correctly.

Challenges of writing the book…20:00
Ryan truly enjoys the challenge of taking complex ideas and breaking it down. In order for research to impact someone, they need to be able to understand it first. 

Advice for a busy, unhealthy person…21:40
You cannot eat off the dollar menu. You must take care of your body and find time to take care of yourself. Move every day; make a phone call and go for a short walk. When you are done with your day, your body will thank you for not stopping to get a BigMac. If you don’t take the time now, you will pay for not taking care of your body sooner than later. 


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