45: Turning a passion into a successful career with Chris Freytag of Get Healthy U

Chris Freytag is a lifelong fitness fanatic. She has been pursuing knowledge in nutrition, exercise, and wellness for over 20 years. She is the founder of Get Healthy U; a program for those looking to lose weight, eat right and feel great. Her experience has allowed her to relate to many women in all different stages of life. She understands aging, life after kids, and the struggles of being busy. The people she teaches, works with and interacts with drive her each day. Chris has been married for 25 years, has three kids and lives in Minneapolis. 

Chris’ mom was into cooking healthy, which is where Chris first got into eating right. In college, Chris wanted major in exercise, but her professors told her that was not a major. She decided to major in journalism because of her love of speaking. At the time, gyms and aerobics were growing and gaining more traction. Chris, always being a lover of movement, got into aerobics as a side gig. She started to transition from journalism into fitness full time as the health movement continued to take off. She made VHS tapes of herself and then DVDs. Journalism truly helped her create her career.

Books and TV…5:40
Chris’ love of education transfers over to her love of fitness; she wants to know everything that is going on within the body. Her big breaks were a trial run on a local TV station and her VHS tapes. When she was starting out, Chris went to NBC to pitch a health segment. They agreed to try it out on a Monday morning. It got good reviews and they kept telling her to come back each week. She’s now been doing it for over 15 years! She was able to get her first VHS tape (which she financed herself and had her friends in the back!) into a catalog. Through that, other companies found her and started to hire her to do other fitness VHS/DVDs. 

Her Audience…9:00
You have to find your niche and realize that can’t please everybody. She found that she really connected well with women and the different stages of life they may be going through. She works with women post-baby, those going through menopause, and throughout all other life segments. Her crowd has followed her for years. They are attached to Chris and many have even aged together! Chris does a lot of interaction (email, comments etc.) herself because she truly cares about each person who call, email or write to her and her team..

Managing Family Life and a Career…13:00
Chris became a very good time manager. Her family had a very disciplined schedule and reached out to the community for help if needed (carpools, play dates etc.) Her and her husband had to divide and conquer. There were times it was tough, but you just have to do the best you can. If you are home all day, that’s great. If you are away, you are still influencing your child. It is the quality you provide, not necessarily quantity. Chris is a corporate speaker and teaches that life balance is ridiculous. Life is about passion; whatever is happening at the moment will take your attention. You do the best you can and let your attention go where it needs to go at the time. Whatever you do, do it with an ‘all in’ attitude.

Get Healthy U19:30
This is an evolution from her VHS/DVDs. When the internet started, Chris was one of the first fitness professionals to hop on the web and also started a blog. She hired one or two people to help her keep up with blogging and websites. Social influencers came into play and she has had many people reach out to her. Over time, it was her kids helped her realize that streaming was the direction VHS/DVDs were going. She stopped doing DVDs and fully dove into the online streaming world. The evolution of technology has really evolved, but her audience and goal to help others have stayed the same. 

Has nutrition helped you stay productive?...23:45
What you put in your mouth is more important than any fitness regimen. Chris has always loved healthy eating, which stemmed from her mom. As a mom herself, she knows that healthy eating can be tough, but she encourages others to make it fun! It doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, she educated her kids as they were growing up and made sure they knew what they were eating and why. Because of this, her kids are now very educated, interested, and keep up those healthy habits. 

Advice to the busy person…28:10
Strive for progress, not perfection. Perfection leads to disappointment and it is a horrible standard to hold yourself to. Accept yourself regardless of what stage of life you are in. Take time to figure out your deep goals, your whys, and do what you can to reach these. Follow through with what you decide to pursue. Remember that everyone is different. What you like is what you will stick with. Be strong in your decisions, but flexible in your approach. 

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