46: Corporate job and poor health to great health and a thriving business with Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is English born and now finds herself living in the countryside of Australia along with her husband and two children. Helen has had quite the journey to achieving a healthy life. She transitioned from a major corporate job to starting up her own business, Primal Alternative. Her success and own journey to healing is inspiring and something she is passionate about sharing. 

Helen’s health journey started when she first heard that fat indeed made you fat. For 25 years, Helen ‘enjoyed’ salads and avoided all kinds of healthy fats; olive oil, avocado, etc. She worked as a personal trainer for years and then found herself transitioning into the corporate world with the role of a business manager for an international company. She was still following a low-fat, high carb diet along with going to the gym diligently. After being on antibiotics for acne and having children, Helen says her system simply maxed out. She could not understand why she was feeling so sick. She thought she ate healthy and was baffled as to why she was so ill; headaches, nausea, heavy periods, cramping, plantar fasciitis were just a few of her many, many symptoms. 
Being sick for so long, Helen found herself sinking into a dark place. While talking with her husband one day, out of nowhere she stated ‘I need to go gluten free.’ After announcing it to her friends, one suggested she go Paleo. Feeling desperate yet highly motivated, Helen set out and adopted a Paleo way of life for six weeks. After a week, she knew she would never go back to her old ways. Helen started to blog and soon enough, people were reaching out to her saying they had experienced the same thing. After all the feedback she received, Helen decided to go through Primal Blueprint and become a coach. Through her coaching, she would often share recipes with her clients which is how her business came to be. 

Doctoral advice...14:05
While Helen was sick for all these years, her doctors continued to tell her that she was experiencing post-partum depression, but everything else was fine. They continued to prescribe her anti-nausea tablets and other medications. As time went on, these prescriptions only made her feel worse. 

Changes after going primal...15:30
Having to ditch the gluten after being on a high-carb diet was tough for her. Her initial detox left her feeling like she went backwards. But then she felt a fog lift after the first week of going Paleo. She came out on the other side feeling so much better. Her constipation disappeared, she was sleeping deeper, and found more energy. 

Managing the Corporate World...18:45
Helen found that she was working just to get through the week, to get to the next holiday. The pressure and high intensity of the corporate environment was also detrimental for her health. Now she lives in the country and is an entrepreneur. 

How do you manage your time?...20:20
Parkinson’s Law says that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Helen plans out her days to include her workouts, tidying the house, taking care of the kids, and her work. She schedules beautiful things into her days as well to make sure that she is able to take time for herself, her husband, and kids. 

One piece of advice for a busy person?...23:40
Helen would ask ‘what’s your vision? How do you want your life to look?’ She encourages someone to dive into their priorities and figure out what they truly want to accomplish. Instead of focusing on getting a fancy car, big house, and high paying job, try to focus on growth, experience, and contribution. All of these things along with, nourishing yourself with good food, moving around, spending time in sunshine, and getting good sleep, will set you up for success. 

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