48: Pursuing a passion with Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery

 Murray Carter developed a love for the Japanese culture at a young age. Growing up in Canada, he did not have much interaction with the Orient. His move to Japan and his decision to live there for 18 years was a dream come true. He studied the art of forging blades and moved his business to the United States. Murray lives in Oregon and is the man behind Carter Cutlery; a company that creates the highest performance cutlery. 

Murray grew up in Eastern Canada and geographically, he did not have much interaction with the oriental culture. When Shogun, the TV series aired, he was taken by their culture and sparked a major interest. He took up martial arts, started to read history books, and really dove into the history of Japan. At eighteen, he researched the country and took off to Japan all by himself. He later met up with a karate group while he was there. Murray dislocated his knee about a month into his trip; because he was immobile, he started to read and learn the language. While exploring one day, he saw a shop with a beautiful display of knives and met Mr. Sakemoto...the rest is history. 

Trips to Japan...14:00 
Murray has made multiple trips back to Japan. He became very focused on getting back to Japan to establish a lifestyle there. Murray’s plan was to open up a small school to teach English. Once he got back to Japan for the second time, he went right back to where he had been before and set up the English school. He was able to go to the original knife shop he stumbled upon his first time there. He spent 16 years in Japan learning about the Japanese culture and knives. He is probably the only Caucasian that is considered a Yoshimoto Bladesmith. 

Carter Cutlery...25:30
Murray would travel to France and the US for different trade shows. Here he would sell the best knives he had made. The result of these shows was that many customers expressed a very strong support of his work and work ethic. This support was enough to encourage Murray to move to his blade-smithing operation to the United States. In 2002, he and his family were checking out Oregon. They ended up loving it and in 2003, they bought a house there. His journey to get to America was not easy due to visa issues, but the tough journey made it that much sweeter. The more effort you put into something, the greater the reward. He finds this to be true in the business world as well. 

Successful Routines...41:45
Murray goes to bed at the same time every day; 9:30pm. Murray likes to exercise 3-4 times a week. Although he is not always disciplined in this, he notices a change when he is consistent.

Advice for the person looking for their passion...43:40
People always say, ‘follow your passion.’ This may not work for everybody and making rash decisions may negatively impact their life. Good health (sleep and staying in shape), security, and community are three things that will allow you to gravitate towards your passion. The perspective should be long-term, not a short-term goal. Start thinking about food that will make you feel good four hours from now versus what will taste good in ten minutes. 

YouTube: Murray Carter

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