9: Dr. Carolyn Dean and Drastically Improving Your Health Through the Proper Minerals

Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor specializing in naturopathic medicine. She went to school at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Not only is she a doctor, but an author as well. She has been a part of writing and cowriting over 145 print and ebooks! She currently resides in Maui with her husband.

Her Journey….1:15
- As a teen, Dr. Dean was interested in nutrition and started to read about health while traveling. She applied to medical school and truly wanted to help people. She chose to do naturopathy and had a tough journey along her way.

Key Principles…6:10
- Stay practical. Educate yourself on different minerals and supplements that may help. Do you really need to take 100 different pills or supplements to treat each and every symptom you’re experiencing?

Have our minerals been ‘farmed out?’….14:35
- There is the soil to consider and different drugs that can be added to foods. If you focus on a more raw diet, you are getting more minerals. Those eating processed foods are missing out on all the good stuff!

Magnesium Deficiency…15:15
- Your body is constantly adapting but when you are stressed, magnesium levels take a turn. Low blood sugar, high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, heart palpitations are just a few symptoms that may be part of this deficiency. However, these symptoms can be easily confused with other issues; for example doctors often prescribe anxiety medicine because that’s what they think is happening. This may lead to other issues.

Dr. Dean’s Products…24:00
- Her focus is on low potency and high absorption. She created her RnA drops from a barley extract that helps with magnesium absorption. Her powders are very digestible, making it great for those with leaky gut or following a Paleo diet.

Piece of advice for someone to take a step towards better health?…31:00
- Drink water with pink Himalayan sea salt or Celtic salt. There is nothing There is nothing in our water now, and we need the 72 different minerals that are in sea salt. Start with just a very small pinch!

- www.drcarolyndean.com

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