Episode 1: Nina Teicholz and the Big Fat Surprise

Nina Teicholz is a journalist and author of the Best Science book of 2014; The Big Fat Surprise. In this book, she explains the history of how our government has convinced us that fats are bad. She also argues why meat, cheese, eggs, and butter are foods that we should be eating more of, not avoiding. Nina lives in New York City and is still following her passion of writing and nutrition by working closely with the Nutrition Coalition (http://www.nutrition-coalition.org).



The Big Fat Surprise… 1:25

            - Argues that saturated fats have been demonized. They are in fact good for us!

            -She tells the story of how our society got this misinformation and why the government is not correcting it

            - Also discusses the sciences of soybean oil/corn oil and the effects those have on our bodies


Selection Bias 5:40

            - The research community often ignores what the truth is revealing by ignoring the things that don't fit their hypotheses and selecting those that do fit (sadly this happens more than we think)



Sugar is a villain but so are these… 9:30

            - Our body treats high carb diets containing things like whole wheats, beans, grains etc.,                as sugar even though they are commonly seen as ‘healthy’

            - For so long we have been brainwashed with poor nutritional information (eat a high carb, low fat diet) from the government


Don't fear the fat! … 12:00

            - We need to get back to eating whole foods and stop the high carb diet trend


How have things changed after her book…13:55

            - She has been deemed as a ‘critic of the dietary guidelines’ for researching a topic so controversial in the nutrition world

            - Being on the inside allows her to see the manipulation and food politics happening.

            - The government encourages low fat, lean meat diets but there has been no research on this. That is a problem.


Future works? …20:30

            - exposing the flawed dietary guidelines

            - smaller pieces to work on improving them in the mean time

            - the government has more of a control on food than we think


Nutrition Coalition 22:10

            - People in experiments have been ignored for decades because they don't fit with the government hypothesis

            - The lack of alternative thinking is hurting our health and the goal is to bring this thinking to Washington.


Advice for someone on the go to get healthy…23:40

            - Try cured meats- salami, prosciutto, other Italian meats for protein and fat, also low carb

            - Don’t be scared of saturated fats.



            - Read Nina’s book and find her on social media! http://thebigfatsurprise.com

            - http://www.nutrition-coalition.org


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