Episode 23: Elizabeth Resnick on the Holistic Approach to being Happy, Healthy and Hot


Elizabeth Resnick has her holistic health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She also runs a blog called Happy, Healthy, and Hot. Through these platforms she stresses how important it is to feel good about yourself. Elizabeth has always been interested in nutrition and fitness. She is currently working on a book and her certification as a Primal Health Coach.

Elizabeth’s Background…3:00
- As a child, Elizabeth was always interested in nutrition. At 12 years old she became a vegetarian and stuck with it for about 30 years. Although she never struggled with weight, she had concerns; severe acne, digestive issues, and anxiety. Even though her diet was clean, she cleaned it up even more and went vegan. In turn, her acne and anxiety got worse. One day she received an email about cutting out grains, sugars (dried fruit included), and dairy so she gave it a shot. Just overnight, she could feel a major difference. Within a few weeks, her skin cleared immediately, her anxiety was gone, and her stomach didn’t bother her anymore. 
- She decided to start a blog and share how nutrition affected and changed her life. Her blog, Happy, Healthy and Hot, comes from Elizabeth’s thought that everyone should feel that way about themselves. She went to IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and is working on her Primal Blueprint certification.

Books in the works…12:30
- Blogging has opened her eyes to writing and how it can help and reach others. She is hoping her book will be like a guide; people want to be told what to do and how to do it. A book allows further connections with readers and a chance for her to pull all the information she has learned together into one place.

Elizabeth’s Routine…15:10
- Elizabeth searches for the best natural skin products and natural cosmetics. She washes her face with coconut oil each night. She starts her morning by rising early and does a mini workout (crunches, planks, pushups etc.). Quiet time is also important to her; meditation, walking, journaling. 
- She also starts her day with a Bulletproof coffee (coffee, coconut oil, collagen peptides) each morning and a green drink to follow and sip on throughout the day (greens, lemons, water). Breakfast may consist of an apple, protein and a fat if she is on the go. If Elizabeth has a quieter morning, she will scramble some eggs in butter and throw in some leftover veggies. Her other meals follow the pattern of a high quality protein, a healthy fat, and non-starchy vegetables. Elizabeth tends to stay away from carbs but she will have them occasionally.

Health Coaching…23:45
- Elizabeth is still in the early process of training to become a health coach through The Primal Blueprint. She is taking her time to truly absorb the information presented. She spends time studying the reading or listening to audio provided from the modules. This program is very well respected and is backed up by tons of research.

Email: elizabeth@elizres.com
Blog: Happy, Healthy, and Hot

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