Episode 24: Serena Wolf on Eating Clean for People Who Like to Eat Dirty



    Serena Wolf claims that she is the definition of the saying ‘If I can do it, you can do it’ when it comes to cooking. She went to culinary school on a whim and has not looked back since. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, has been a private chef, recipe developer, and is the author of The Dude Diet. Her blog, Domesticate Me, stresses that cooking should be fun, realistic and doable for people. Serena lives in New York City and just finished up her book tour around the US!


Serena’s Background…2:30

- Serena’s path is very untraditional. No one in her family cooked but when she graduated college with a French minor, she decided to go to Paris and enrolled in a ‘basic’ culinary class. Instead, it was intense and full of blood, sweat, and tears. Halfway through the class, Serena realized she really enjoyed cooking and signed up for the year long program. While she was there, she started a blog, Domesticate Me, to keep up with her family back in the States.

- Through her experiences, she realized how much she loved to teach others and make cooking fun. She came back to the States and was a personal chef. She even cooked for some players on the Giants team!

- Her fiancé spurred The Dude Diet idea. His unhealthy eating habits prompted Serena to challenge herself and cook his favorite foods with a healthier twist. She started writing a column on her blog and people took to it immediately.


What was the process of writing the book?…8:15

- It is a two year process from the time you sign the deal until you see the book on the shelf. There are different parts of process such as recipe development, recipe testing, and photographing the food. There are over 125 recipes in the book along with introductions and stories incorporated throughout.


How long were you in Paris…11:20

- Serena was in Paris for almost two years. She did a term of pastry (not her thing) after graduating from cuisine. Pastry did not allow her creativity to run like cuisine did.


What is going on now?…12:50

- The Dude Diet was released in October and Serena loves seeing others cooking from it. Her goal was to put together meals that satisfy both people in a relationship. Her meals are made with real foods instead of the processed junk. She has just finished her first tour! 


What can people expect from the book?…17:35

- The first chapters are outlining The Dude Diet philosophy; there is information about portion control, exercise, responsible drinking, and processed foods. There are also helpful pantry organizing, kitchen setup, and grocery shopping tips to help the transition process. This book is for someone looking for realistic cooking advice. It is great for those who are looking to be healthy but not give up everything they love.



- The 'Dude Diet' is now available on Amazon.

- www.domesticate-me.com

- @serenagwolf on social media

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