Episode 25: Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma, On Everything You Need to Know about Kombucha


Hannah Crum, also known as the Kombucha Mamma, is an expert regarding this popular drink. Hannah’s passion has turned into her own ‘Kombucha Kamp.’ Here, she offers advice and products to those interested in brewing their own kombucha. She is the master brewer for multiple restaurants and breweries in L.A. Her mission is to ‘change the world, one gut at a time.’

Hannah’s journey…1:55
- A lot of people seek out kombucha for health issues, but kombucha found Hannah! She was traveling in San Francisco and first saw it being brewed there. She went to her local Whole Foods after her trip and bought one right away. She’s been hooked ever since. She started brewing her own kombucha shortly after her habit outweighed her budget. 
- Because it is something she loves so much, she wanted to help others learn how to make this fermented drink. This turned into ‘Kombucha Kamp.’ Now she offers workshops, cultures, and lots of advice. He Kamp started with 40 members in 2014, and has grown to approximately 200!

The process of putting the book together… 7:45
- Being a blogger, Hannah already had a lot of knowledge and excerpts written down. There was a lot of recipe testing and styling to be done. Being so passionate about kombucha helped make the book a fun project to tackle.

Health benefits… 10:15
- Hannah’s husband lost 40lbs after getting into kombucha! He used to start his morning with a gatorade but Hannah slowly worked on incorporating kombucha as a replacement. Once he was hooked, both he and Hannah explored the world of raw foods and traditional/healthier options. 
- They have both seen amazing results in their digestion, clearer skin, and overall improved quality of life. It is important to note that the benefits one might experience truly depends on the person. However, the initial health benefit typically seen across the board is improved digestion. The more efficiently you digest, the more energy you have. We need the sour/bitter properties of kombucha to help break down what is inside our gut.

Future of kombucha…14:00
- Researchers are just at the tip of the iceberg in what kombucha can do. For example, the tea leaves can be composted, the scobys are being utilized for many things including biodegradable fabrics, and the cultures are being used as living bandages.
- The cultures are constantly being explored, not just as a food or beverage, but within other aspects of daily life.

- The book tour took them all over. Hannah loves to meet people and has a strong desire to educate people. Her philosophy is to ‘change the world one, gut at a time’ and she has been able to achieve this through her travels.
- Knowing multiple languages allows her to connect with people in different cultures. We are all connected and need to continue identifying with others to share the knowledge we each have.

One piece of advice for a ‘kombucha beginner’…18:00
- Go to a grocery store and look in the produce section. If you don’t like the first bottle you try, go back and grab a different one. There are so many different flavors and brands that you can choose from. Look for kombucha that is organic, natural, and raw. If there is ‘stuff’ floating in it, that’s a good sign!

One piece of advice for a kombucha lover…19:25
- Go buy or check out ‘The Big Book of Kombucha.’ It is a great resource to further educate yourself about all things kombucha. 
- Check out Hannah’s free e-book on her website!

- www.kombuchakamp.com
- Hannah’s book: ‘The Big Book of Kombucha’

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