Episode 27: Dr. Brett Hill on Avoiding Crash Diets, Keeping It Simple, and Finding Life Balance

Dr. Brett Hill is a chiropractor, co-host of two top-rated podcasts, author, and paleo advocate. He has had many TV, radio, and podcast appearances for different networks all over Australia and the world. His podcasts ‘The Wellness Guys Show’ and ‘That Paleo Show’ are the number one health podcasts in Australia. Dr. Hill’s motivation to continue learning and help others find their way in the health spectrum stem from his two children.

Dr. Hill’s Journey…2:10
- As a kid, Dr. Hill loved nature and he always wanted to help people. When it came to picking a career, the chiropractic path stood out to him because he would be able to tie helping people and natural movements together. He started learning more and more about health, fitness, and nutrition which led him to writing newspaper columns, founding podcast shows, and writing books!

How do you find balance?…6:55
- The biggest trick is learning to say no. Dr. Hill found he was saying yes to too much and trying to do everything at once. Figuring out what is important to you and figuring out the vision you want for your life is key. Then you can find balance by filtering what things bring you happiness and fulfill that vision. Making conscious choices and saying yes to what is important to you will help achieve that goal.

- ‘How to Eat an Elephant’ is a book that Dr. Hill wrote after seeing the failures people were encountering doing crash diets. He wanted to provide people with a way to set them up for long-term success. He helps people make a big change for the long term by making small changes gradually. 
- ‘Rock Bottom’ is his newest book that will be coming out soon. It is the story of how Dr. Hill’s many commitments led to his life vision being shattered. Because he was always saying yes to other things, his marriage took a hit. ‘Rock Bottom’ talks about his journey of what he learned through the process of divorce and having to rebuild his life from scratch.

How does Chiropractic work, nutrition and health flow together?…14:05
- Dr. Hill loves talking about nature and the natural ways to allow the body to heal. He talks a lot about natural movement; which includes getting away from machines found in the gym and returning to the basics. Our bodies are designed to be healthy; sadly we have gone away from that. The natural approach to food is what our body is designed to acquire, not the fake junk found these days.

- Dr. Hill does CrossFit 3x a week and likes to combine that with natural movements. He loves to kayak, hike, go for a barefoot run, snorkel, and anything to get outside. Playing around with his kids is another way he gets exercise; following them around the playground, wrestling, and sports.

Kids and healthy eating…18:35
- ‘Nourish without Nagging’ is another book by Dr. Hill that encourages parents to find ways to help their kids enjoy healthy foods. A big part of healthy eating for children is to heighten their curiosity; help them understand why they would want to eat healthy food. Tapping into what motivates them is a way to connect the benefits of real foods with the goals kids want to accomplish. This book came from his desire to help his kids be the best they could be. He realized he would have to educate his kids instead of just telling them what to eat.

One piece of advice for a busy person…25:00
- Keep it simple. So often, we get distracted by all of the information in the media. Healthy fats, proteins, and veggies are always a good place to start.

- www.drbretthill.com
- Coaching details, books, podcasts, and his newsletter can all be found on the website.

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