Episode 30: Katy Allan on Healthy Cooking for the Whole Family

Katy Allan lives in Georgia with her husband and three boys. She runs a successful blog, Savoring the Flavoring. It is filled with recipe ideas, meal planning tips, and never-ending humor. Katy is focused on fueling her family with nutrients in fun, creative, and most of all, delicious ways. Instead of counting calories and obsessing over foods, Katy encourages balance, moderation and homemade foods as often as possible.

Katy’s Journey…2:00
- Katy’s mom was a dietician so Katy grew up in her office listening to her mom educate her clients. She was fortunate enough to grow up with a great relationship with food. Her friends would often ask her for advice about weight loss or recipe help. After her son was diagnosed with some autoimmune issues, she went to the next level of making sure her family got the best nutrients possible. She combined how she cares for her family with sharing recipes with her friends to form her blog, Savoring the Flavoring.

Katy on Being Too Busy To Eat…6:50
- Having three growing boys means constant energy. Katy doesn’t have time to cook all day long. Her recipes are meant for families that are busy and trying to keep health a top priority.

Meal Prepping…8:00
- Meal prepping is the number one trick to staying on track. Even if it is a small act of just chopping up a bunch of fruits and veggies, the little things will help you when the week gets crazy. 
- Planning out meals will also help you manage your busy schedules. Have an idea of the meals you’d like to serve in the back of your mind. Katy uses a ‘Fit Book’ to write down what she plans to eat that week to help her stay on track. Keeping an ongoing grocery list throughout the week has proven to be helpful.

Cooking Background?…11:30
- Katy grew up cooking but never taken any formal training. Despite having no cooking background, Katy is very curious! She does a lot of trial and error runs. She also learns from food styling books and food photography books as well.

Nutrition Philosophy…13:45
- In every different phase of life, Katy has discovered that she has to find what works for her. What may have worked for her a couple years ago, might not do the trick anymore. Constantly researching and trying out different methods is how you will find what clicks for you. If you aren’t proactive, you will never be able to discover the methods that will fuel your body.

Nourishing Kids…17:30
- Katy’s kids are great eaters because she encourages her kids to eat what she and her husband eat. She does not make separate meals for her kids. It makes things easier for everyone involved. As parents, you only have so long to control what your kids are eating. Good eating habits should start young to carry over into a healthy lifestyle habit.

Advice to bring the family into healthier eating patterns…24:45
- Cook at home as a family. Many times it may seem easier to eat out. However, it is important to prepare homemade meals as much as possible. You don’t always know what is in your food when grabbing take out. 
- Including everyone in the family encourages that healthy lifestyle at a young age. Generally, kids who are picky will be more inclined to try new things that they have helped prepared.
- Stop drinking soda and sweet tea. Drink water! Switch to kombucha or Le Croix if you are craving sodas.

- www.savoringtheflavoring.com

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