Episode 33: Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, Authors of The Paleo Primer, on Simplifying the Paleo Lifestyle

Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore are the founders of Fitter Foods, a company that is passionate about cooking real, cost-effective, and time-friendly foods. Both Keris and Matt love training, nutrition, and the overall concept of achieving optimal health. Keris is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer. Matt is a Strength Coach, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. They are co-authors of The Paleo Primer and The Paleo Primer: Second Helpings.

Keris: Keris had some health issues in her teens (acne, hormonal issues) and was told to take pill after pill to correct her problems. Being influenced by the earlier health trends, she was running a lot, not eating much, and sticking to a low fat diet. She eventually got into weight training and boxing which is how she met Matt. She and Matt teamed up and created their business!

Matt: Matt describes himself as a typical personal trainer; he loved to train and be in the gym everyday. In the beginning, he was successful with training a ton while eating whatever he wanted. Over time, he noticed his body was responding negatively to that style of eating. His body was slowing down and his recovery was taking a hit. Keris started informing him about the Paleo diet and he gave it a shot. At first, he felt like he was dying! With Keris’ encouragement, he persevered and on day 5, he woke up feeling brand new and hasn’t looked back.

The Paleo Primer…11:10
Keris: They were running a group training company in London and noticed people weren't recovering well or taking care of their bodies as they should. Keris says London is a grab and go place; people weren't getting the proper nutrition they needed. They created their book to share recipes that are quick, contain minimal ingredients, and are ideal for health conscious individuals. Matt took over the recipe writing while Keris wrote the ‘why’ aspect to the book.

Matt: They realized their guide was more of a book; a cookbook that hopefully is never put away! The book addresses common problems such as cost of healthy living, lengthy prep time, and bland ‘diet’ food. The Paleo Primer provides a solution to each of those issues.

The Paleo Primer: A Second Helping…16:05
Keris: This book is built off of the first book. Their clients and fans requested further guidance and direction tackling the nutrition world. This book takes down different myths that have dominated the health and nutrition world over the last few years.

Matt: They have a lot of friends that are doctors; they do amazing work. What they noticed was a lack of overlap between the medical field and nutrition. People tend to go to doctors for ailments, but some doctors may only have been exposed to limited material in the nutrition field.

What’s Next?…18:10
Keris: They launched an online program called ‘Fitter 16’. So many people are doing online body transformations and they wanted to create their own. They address self-esteem and body image, sleep health, hormones, and an elimination diet.

Matt: They have been doing online training for years and they want to provide a unique online experience for all their members. The program is a 16 week transformation to set you up with confidence and knowledge to continue the journey off of the program. The first 12 weeks are priming your body; what works for you and getting used to the methods. The final 4 weeks is prepping the client for life after the 16 weeks.

Advice for a busy person starting a health journey…22:40
Keris: Change breakfast; that’s where most people start their days. Stick with higher protein breakfasts to positively affect your mood and energy for the rest of the day.

Matt: Wherever you’re at, find your balance. You may not have time to exercise as much as you’d like, but don’t get caught up in the extremes. Make the best decisions you can when the decisions come your way.


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