Episode 35: Cassy Joy Garcia, Author of Fed and Fit, On How To Make Healthy Living A Lifestyle

Cassy Joy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Science. She kept studying nutrition to hopefully find an answer to her issues with help. Despite doing what she thought were all the right things, Cassy still wasn’t feeling healthy. She now lives a Paleo lifestyle and has found that it changed her life. She no longer struggles with weight, fatigue, or joint pain. Cassy has a successful blog, Fed and Fit, and is also the author of her book, Fed and Fit. She loves to stay active (CrossFit, golf, yoga) and lives in San Antonio with her husband.

Cassy’s Background…1:45
- Cassy graduated from college feeling more sick than she ever had in her life. She struggled with her weight and constantly being tired. She followed many diets diligently; however, her issues kept returning. She figured she would ‘run the weight off’ and restrict her caloric intake. 
- Cassy always had an interest in the healthcare field and her interest led her to discovering an anti-inflammatory diet. It also led her to weightlifting and CrossFit versus marathon running. After months on her ‘diet,’ she had dropped about 10 dress sizes! People noticed changes in her health and asked what she was doing. This is when she started to share recipes and it blossomed into a career.

What Cassy does now…6:30
- Cassy is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She wanted to work one-on-one with clients and soon realized that it was bothering her to turn people away from her services because she didn’t have the time to work with all of them. She figured out a way to provide clients with 80% of her services and gives them the tools to work with the remaining 20%. Cassy addresses lifestyle fitness, mindset, and nutrition within her programs.

Fed and Fit…9:00
- Cassy started her blog (Fed and Fit) in 2011. In 2013, her and her publisher started thinking about the idea of writing a book. Cassy’s books bridges the gap between a restrictive diet and a those who are naturally healthy. There are tons of recipes and resources that promote healthy living.

What’s next?…12:10
- Cassy looks at her job as answering to her readers. Without them, she wouldn't have so much success! She writes each idea her readers send in on sticky notes and takes them into consideration when working on project. Be on the lookout for her newest project coming out in 2018! She is working on an ‘edible solution’ for busy people…stay tuned!

- Cassy is going on nine years of CrossFit! She does not do it for the competitive side, but she is in it to workout for life. She complements this intense schedule with yoga and is a big fan of golf.

Advice for someone to start improving their health…19:15
- It is easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of the health world. For a beginner, it can be overwhelming. Start by hydrating and getting adequate rest. Check out the Fed and Fit book for a deeper look into these key points.

- www.fedandfit.com
- Look for Fed and Fit, the book and podcast

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