Episode 38: Danielle Natoni -her journey to fitness superstar and making fitness part of your life

‘From fractions to fitness’ describes Danielle Natoni and her transition from being a healthy teacher to a fitness expert perfectly. This former math teacher is now a Beachbody coach, the Creative Director for Shaun T, Master Trainer, Instagram Influencer and Insanity Live Format Expert. She is a mother to two girls and wife to the husband she met on the set of an Insanity infomercial.

- Danielle grew up with healthy parents and has always been into health and fitness. Being fit was a part of who she was. After having two kids, trying to finish college, working two jobs, and finding herself in tons of debt at the age of twenty-two; she realized that she needed to come up with a solution. She thought about things she could do to provide herself a steady stream of income. Danielle always found a way to pay her gym membership because that was where she found her happiness. So she started teaching group fitness classes and then got her personal training certificate to do something she loves while simultaneously earning some extra money. She completed the Insanity program and was asked to be in the infomercial; it is easy to say that the rest is history!

- Danielle loves Beachbody and the community she has built through that community. She also wants people to know that there is more to life than fitness! Be on the lookout for some new programs and a new site: daniellenatoni.com. She will still maintain working with Shaun T and her Team Beachbody. She’s excited to provide people, women especially, with the tools to be a successful entrepreneur on top of being a mom/dad and a wife/husband.

- Kids are getting more and more sedentary. Recess is the first thing that gets taken away from students. Danielle taught 5th grade and her students only had PE twice a week. The idea that a child can sit in a chair for eight hours a day is outdated. Her goal was to incorporate movement as much as possible. To practice for a standardized test, Danielle came up with a solution. Her students would work on a problem as a class and after solving it, they would choose a movement to perform. She found her students behaved better and she noticed her brains seemed to function at higher capacities.

Fitness in the Family…15:30
- Danielle has two daughters and sometimes it can be a chore to get them to work out. They both play volleyball and are athletic. Her youngest has Tourette’s syndrome and goes to a trainer (who also has Tourette’s) twice a week to work through her disorder. She models healthy behavior and wants to point out that she does it because it makes her feel good; not to be skinny. As they get older, Danielle hopes her healthy habits will be instilled in them.

- Nothing is black and white. Danielle follows a modified Paleo lifestyle; she stays away from dairy, legumes, grains etc. A mixture of Intermittent Fasting, Paleo principles, and chocolate fuel her each day. She does drink Shakeology, which isn’t Paleo, but it works for her. She chooses organic, non-GMO, sustainably raised meats and high-quality sources. Remember these methods work best for her, they may not work for everybody. Her goal is true health and to be the ‘best Danielle’ internally and it shows within her outer shell.

Advice for an unhealthy person…23:00
- If you do not make you a priority, you will never be able to get anywhere on your fitness journey. Until you do that, you will continue to struggle. Don’t put yourself on the back burner! Make a generational impact by being good examples to your children and young people around you.

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