Episode 49: Turning obstacles into major life successes with Rachel Martinez

Trauma has turned Rachel Martinez’s world upside more times than any one person should have to deal with. Instead of falling victim to her circumstances, Rachel overcame one after another. After starting a construction company, being in the Army, winning Mrs. California, and dealing with multiple traumatic brain injuries, Rachel is now a life coach. Her focus is instilling confidence and leading them to recovery and a life they never thought they could have.


As a child, Rachel was very entrepreneurial. On the outside, her childhood looked great, but on the inside her home was not a happy place. By her 20s, Rachel had gotten so used to overcoming that when people told her things were impossible, she felt like it had to be done. At 21 she started a construction company and was easily generating $10,000 a week. After some time running her company, she decided to join the Army and had a heart attack on the field. After an MRI, Rachel found out she had a brain tumor and left the Army. Two weeks after being out of the military, Rachel was almost beat to death and had emergency reconstructive surgery on her face. The doctors kept saying she wouldn’t do certain things; Rachel told them that this was not the end of her story. She has continued to overcome her injuries and now helps other in the areas of life, leadership and trauma recovery.

Mrs. California...9:00

Injury after injury led her to continue to pursue this dream. She kept running and placed higher and higher each time. This experience allowed her to give back to her community. It also gave her a platform to tell her story. Despite much hesitation, she shared her story and earned the title in 2015.

What drives you to keep going?...14:30

The ‘training’ she got as a child, being told that she was worthless or not good enough, shaped her into the person she is today. She remembers that she did not want those labels to define her. She also did not allow other people to influence her in negative ways. She was working with a coach, and the impact led her to want to provide that for other people. Not letting small minds tell her that her dreams are too big is a motto Rachel lives by.

How do you manage it all?...18:00

Rachel has several tools that she uses to manage her busy schedule. Her phone (alarms and the calendar especially!), a vision board (two things she wants to accomplish this year), other whiteboards for clients and school purposes, and her computer.

Finding Balance...21:15

Rachel makes very specific and dedicated time to spend time with her husband. Her marriage is at the top of her list. When other things fall apart, her foundation stays strong. Friends, family, exercise, and sleep are also criteria for Rachel to feel balanced. Her drive allows her to be productive and help as many people as possible.


If Rachel feels low energy, her brain does not function well. She makes it a point to relax when she eats. This means that she steps away from her desk and work and steps into spending time with others.

Mission Statement...26:00

Rachel has always had one but never wrote it down. Once she wrote it down, it became more impactful. Now it is on her vision board reminding her why she is doing what she’s doing. Her mission statement makes a difference in her perspective on different tasks. She picks one to focus on each year.


Absolutely! Rachel wakes up and will have a lemon, olive oil, ginger, honey drink to start her day. She has specific times throughout the day dedicated to different aspects of her life; the gym, lunches with her husband, and other little things that she puts in her schedule. If she didn’t put them on her schedule, it is likely that they would not have happened.

Advice for the busy person?...29:20

Accountability. Finding a life coach can transform your life. Having another perspective gives a whole other dimension to any issues in life.



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