Episode 50: Melissa Rifkin - What It Really Means To Be Healthy

Why you should listen to today’s episode:

  • Learn the importance of having a balanced well-being.
  • Find out the amazing benefits of meal planning.
  • Learn what it really means to be healthy.


Melissa Rifkin is a registered dietitian living and working in NYC and has an amazing perspective and background in helping people. She remotely counsels and coaches by utilizing Rise, an application she co-founded which provides daily feedback and weekly action plans for each client. She also actively curates and maintains @confessionofadietician, an Instagram account which posts healthy meal planning ideas. She truly is an educator who practices what she preaches.

In this episode, Melissa shares hacks for achieving a healthy, well-balanced being. 

Check out these episode highlights:

02:10 Melissa’s career background

05:32 Melissa shares what her Instagram account - @confessionofadietician’s is all about

08:30 Management tips for a busy schedule

11:21 Important reasons to disconnect and unplug from social media

12:05 Activities to help balance a busy schedule

19:14 Advantages of meal planning

25:45 Routines that can make you more productive

30:27 Hacks for busy people to achieve a healthy lifestyle

Tweetable Quotes

"Find an exercise that you love."
"Meal preparation is a team effort."
"Food is fuel."
"Structured workouts mentally prepare oneself."
"Being healthy involves healthy eating, exercising and balancing your mental wellbeing."
"The prioritization is really the key to a healthy lifestyle."

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    Melissa’s website

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