Greg Zuffelato

Life is busy – eating healthy can quickly fall victim to convenience. Overwhelmed by the choices in the nutrition product industry, I set out to create products made with the highest quality ingredients available. I wanted a busy professional to eat my products multiple times a day and not only enjoy the taste, but also get healthier in the process. The Too Busy To Eat products I created meet all of the above criteria.

They are made out of real food, packed with the highest quality ingredients available. As a busy entrepreneur, husband, and father life gets hectic. When it gets too busy I reach for a TBTE Bar or make a smoothie, to make sure I get the nutrition and fuel I need to keep my energy high.  Add the TBTE Products to your daily routine and watch the weight drop off and your energy shoot to an all time high!!

Nora Tobin

Nora is a Health & Fitness Consultant for 5-­‐Star Hotels, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, Wilhelmina Model & Editor. She has worked with thousands of people to improve their overall wellbeing through fitness, nutrition and positive mindset.