About Us

Most of us have incredibly busy lives.  Whether raising a family, attending school, working your high-stress job, the pace of life has become unmanageable for many of us.  At Too Busy To Eat we provide education and products that serve to alleviate some of the challenges that this lifestyle brings.  First and foremost, we believe that nutrition is an essential component to one's overall productivity, well-being, and success.  

The resources we provide through our podcast, blog, and website serve to illustrate tips and tricks to overcoming the challenges that busy people face every day, while the products we have designed alleviate an issue that so many of us face: we are too busy to eat.  Through education and exposure to stories from successful people just like us, we provide practical tools that allow you to be your very best every day.  Too Busy To Eat is committed to helping you become more productive, attain life balance, and ultimately is here to fuel your success.

Greg Zuffelato | Too Busy To Eat Founder